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China - Chinese geography, Geography of China

Created: Thursday, October 01, 1998 12:18:18
Updated: Monday, March 23, 2015 16:13:59

China - Chinese geography, Geography of China Macao Hainan Hong Kong Guangdong Guangxi Jiangxi Hunan Chongqing Guizhou Yunnan Hubei Shaanxi Sichuan Xizang Taiwan Fujian Zhejiang Anhui Henan Shanxi Ningxia Qinghai Shanghai Jiangsu Shandong Hebei Tianjin Beijing - Pekin Liaoning Jilin Neimenggu Heilongjiang Gansu Xinjiang

With a surface of 9 600 000 km2 at 70% mountainous, from the arid desert of Gobi to the green hills of the Canton, while passing by the immense plain of the North of China, China is composed today of 34 administrative units on the level of the province.

No. Name Type
1 Beijing (Pekin) Metropolitain City
2 Tianjin Metropolitain City
3 Hebei Province
4 Shanxi Province
5 Liaoning Province
6 Jilin Province
7 Shanghai Metropolitain City
8 Jiangsu Province
9 Zhejiang Province
10 Anhui Province
11 Fujian Province
12 Jiangxi Province
13 Shandong Province
14 Henan Province
15 Neimenggu Autonomous Region
16 Heilongjiang Province
17 Hunan Province
18 Hubei Province
19 Guangdong Province
20 Guangxi Autonomous Region
21 Hainan Province
22 Sichuan Province
23 Guizhou Province
24 Yunnan Province
25 Xizang (Tibet) Autonomous Region
26 Shaanxi Province
27 Gansu Province
28 Qinghai Province
29 Ningxia Autonomous Region
30 Xinjiang Autonomous Region
31 Taiwan Province
32 Chongqing Metropolitain City
33 Hong Kong Special Zone
34 Aomen (Macao) Special Zone

Resume: Province: 23, Autonomous Region: 5, Metropolitain City: 4, Special Zone: 2


All these entities constitute the first layer of the Chinese Administration, Equivalent Provinces, they are directly responsible for the central government at Pekin (Beijing) except for the Island of Taiwan.

The 2 special zones HongKong and Macao ended with a peaceful decolonization with a legislative supreme at a semi-democratic mode. The 4 metropolitan cities are characterized by their small managed surface and a strong urban and industrial concentration. In the 5 autonomous areas the national minorities are in a majority in their respective area. The remainder (a number of 23) are normal provinces whose population is primarily of Han - 95% of the Chinese population.

China - Chinese geography, Geography of China

Created: Thursday, October 01, 1998 12:18:18
Updated: Monday, March 23, 2015 16:13:59

China is a country on the continent Asia, her capital is Beijing    . Here is the hierarchy of the China administrative divisions: China is subdivided into provinces, that are at their turn subdivided into region cities, that are at their turn subdivided into counties, cities counties, that are at their turn subdivided into townships, that are at their turn subdivided into villages.

In China, The Names of Chinese Metropolitan Cities or strategic localities have names since centuries: LuoYang 洛阳, Ninghai 宁海, HangZhou 杭州, Liuzhou 柳州. It's regrettable that Chang An 长安, The Long Peace, capitat of six chinese dynasties be renamed as Xi'An 西安, peace at the West. This collection regroups 11 4398 names of provinces, counties, cities, towns, districts of large cities, names of streets, those of schools, comitees... Please not hesitate to launch a search...

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