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France is a country on the continent Europe, her capital is Paris. Here is the hierarchy of the France administrative divisions: France is subdivided into regions, that are at their turn subdivided into departments, that are at their turn subdivided into cantons, that are at their turn subdivided into communes, cities, that are at their turn subdivided into villages, called-places.

How French name their localities: department, city, town, district ? You find also their zipcode. The cities, towns in France are all called communes with a Mayer as administtrative chief, independently of its population and town size. Sometime, a town with only 3 souls has a mayer.

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idCity/TownCity/Town in ChineseZipcodeCountryLatLng
13265Gamaches 80220FranceLatLng
13287Gapennes 80150FranceLatLng
13385Gauville 80590FranceLatLng
13518Gentelles 80380FranceLatLng
13622Gezaincourt 80600FranceLatLng
13696Ginchy 80360FranceLatLng
13809Glisy 80440FranceLatLng
13902Gorenflos 80690FranceLatLng
13904Gorges 80370FranceLatLng
14026Gouy-l'Hopital 80640FranceLatLng
14040Goyencourt 80700FranceLatLng
14097Grandcourt 80300FranceLatLng
14113Grand-Laviers 80132FranceLatLng
14187Gratibus 80500FranceLatLng
14190Grattepanche 80680FranceLatLng
14217Grebault-Mesnil 80140FranceLatLng
14218Grecourt 80400FranceLatLng
14329Grivesnes 80250FranceLatLng
14330Grivillers 80700FranceLatLng
14363Grouches-Luchuel 80600FranceLatLng
14379Gruny 80700FranceLatLng
14421Guemicourt 80430FranceLatLng
14436Guerbigny 80500FranceLatLng
14459Gueschart 80150FranceLatLng
14464Gueudecourt 80360FranceLatLng
14477Guibermesnil 80430FranceLatLng
14485Guignemicourt 80540FranceLatLng
14502Guillaucourt 80170FranceLatLng
14504Guillemont 80360FranceLatLng
14553Guizancourt 80290FranceLatLng
14589Guyencourt-Saulcourt 80240FranceLatLng
14590Guyencourt-sur-Noye 80250FranceLatLng
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This is very different from the Chinese calling. There one has Chief of Village, Chief of Town, Chief of City.

In France, the zipcode is generally composed of 5 digits, of which the first two are the code of the departement that it belongs to.

Nourishing 65,350,000 people in January 2012 (INSEE), France has an area of ​​670,922 km², the 14th of that of China, or 7 times of the Zhejiang POrovince who produces 70% of world garments, of which 547,030 km² Metropolitan France in Western Europe. By land area, it is the largest country of the European Union (EU). It is the third largest country in Europe, just after Russia and Ukraine, the second if you include the ultra-marine departments. Finally it is the 41st largest country in the world and the second by its exclusive economic zone. In hexagonal, its metropolitan territory covers continental approximately 1,000 km from north to south and from east to west. With the overseas, the extent of its coastline is 8,245 km.


Les départements français:

List of towns of the department Somme: 818 communes.

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