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Le Baume du tigre classique est une crème avec Camphre comme composante active principale, pour usage exclusivement externe. La formule du baume du tigre certifée par le ministère de la Santé de la République Populaire de Chine est résumée dans le tableau suivant.

Formule du Baume du Tigre - 万金油配方 - Formula of the Tiger Balm
Essence de Girofle丁香油Clove Oil1,2%
Cassia Oil桂油Cassia Oil1,2%
Huile de menthe poivrée薄荷素油Peppermint Oil10%
Huile Cajeput桉叶油Cajuput Oil10%
Huile Camphre Blanc白樟油White Camphor Oil3%
Solution d'Ammoniaque氨溶液Ammonia Solution0,1%
Paraffine et Vaseline q.s.腊及石脂Wax & Petrolatum q.s.42,5%

Tiger Balm Manual

This is the application manual of Tiger Balm, you would like
read these instructions carefully or consult a doctor for
purchase and use.

【Standard】 Standard of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of China
           Volume I.
【Appointment】 Tiger Balm 清凉油,
              Chinese Pinyin: Qingliang You (freshing oil).
【Other Name】 Ten Thousand Gold Oil 万金油,
             Chinese Pinyin: You Wanjin oil (10,000 Gold).
【Category】 This product treats the sunshine, cold, drugs
           without a prescription by doctors.
【Compsition】 Menthol, Camphor, Oil of Clove, Cassia Oil
             Peppermint oil, Cajeput Oil, Camphor Oil White
             Ammonia solution, paraffin and Vaseline qs.
【Form】 This product comes in the form of a yellow light cream;
       smell of perfume, it stimulates and refreshes the skin;
       Melting point 40°C.
【Functions】 Refresh and chase the heat, and wake up
           morale, stop the itching and pain.
           Treats headache in summer
           against motion sickness and mosquito bites.
【Content】 3g/small box or 18.4g/pot on glass.
【Application】 It's for an external Use, spread on the temple or
              on an internal injury without opened skin.
1.Il is prohibited to apply the medication near the eyes,
  on the skin of the inner part, on a sticky membrane
  Your copra, or on a wound.
2.This product is a medicine for external use, it is prohibited
  to swallow.
3.Si you find on the applied area, the onset of heat
  strong, itching, henflement part, we must stop the processing,
  wash skin, consult a doctor if necessary.
4.This product is prohibited for patients allergic to this drug
  Take precatory for sensitive patients.
5.It is prohibited to use this product in an abnormal physical condition.
6.The application on children must be under the monitor of adults.
7.You must store this product out of reach of children.
8.If you are already under medical pulping processes, 
  consult the pharmacist or the doctor before using this product.
  This above is the manual of Tiger Balm, we expect
  that you know better now the product.

Please contact us for more information.

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