Help on Search & on the Simplified Chinese Pinyin Input

Help on Search

The search is case insensitive. Moreover, we adopt simple REGEX (Regular Expressions) rules for the search, especially:
  • Anchor Begin ^: ^Nem permits to find products with a description starting by the word 'nem'.
  • Anchor End $: 1kg$ permits to find products with a description ended by '1kg'.
  • Joker %: replaces a whatever string of any length. Vanilla%Madagascar permits to find products with a designation as 'Gourmet Black Vanilla of top quality naturally growed in Madagascar'.
  • Keys Ctrl+Click or Shift+Click to re-display the hidden list of the search results.
  • Mouse Double-Click to toggle between old and new input texts and re-display the hidden list of the search results.
  • Abbreviations of Useful keywords:
    Keyword Meaning
    dir:supplier's name
    u|user|username:supplier's username
    cat:products categories
    country|pays|国家:country name
    code0:product code of the supplier
    code:product code
    ean:EAN code of the product
    For example, if you type in the search box: country:China, you would be presented all products from China.
    Or tm:por, you get products with TradeMark involves the string por as follows :

User Guide on Function Keys

Key Function
CTRL Toggle the Input Mode between Ideograms/Latin Alphabet Language
Space Select the 1st Chinese Ideogram in the list
PageUp Show the Previous Page of Chinese Ideograms
PageDown Show the Next Page of Chinese Ideograms
ESC Erase the list of Candidate Chinese Ideograms
. Input the Chinese Point punctuation(。)
\ Input the Chinese Waiting punctuation(、)
' Input the simple quote(‘’)
" Input the double quote(“”)
< Open the book title quote(《)
> Close the book title quote(》)
$ Input the Chinese Currency Symbol(¥)

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