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500109733775 Type a Gencod (barcode EAN), 13 digits at the maximum, e.g. 710:

EAN 13 bar code has 13 digits, it represents a product of a unique nature and a fixed quantity in the world of manufactured goods. The 13 digits of a barcode can be separated into 4 groups according to Rule 2 - 5 - 5 - 1. The first two digits identify the country from which the bar code, 30 France, 86 China ... The following 5 digits the manufacturer, and the last 5 digits are the manufacturer company's internal product code. The last digit is not significant because it is automatically deducted from the 12 previous digits, for the reading error control.

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The EAN-13 bar code system plays a crucial role in the world of manufactured goods, providing a unique identifier for each product along with information about its origin and manufacturer. The structure of the 13-digit bar code, divided into specific groups, ensures efficient tracking and error control. This standardized system enables seamless global trade and facilitates accurate inventory management, benefiting both businesses and consumers alike.
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I can see the practical applications of barcode finders in various industries, such as retail, manufacturing, and logistics. The ability to quickly and accurately identify product information using a barcode scanner or finder can streamline operations and improve efficiency.
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