REFRIGERATED <=5°C => The product cannot be delivered

Created: Wednesday, December 28, 2011 18:37:00
Updated: Tuesday, September 17, 2019 00:01:34

Fresh Product at <= 5°CIt's impossible to ship at a reasonable Price a Fresh, Frozen or High Temperature product at a limited quantity, ie, any product not conservable at the room temperature. Please come fetch this item yourself at our warehouse.

Here are frequently used Stock Modes for marchandises:

Stock ModeExplanations
UNKNOWNUnidentified conservation Mode.
NORMALRoom Ambient temperature from 0 °C to 50 °C. For food, the limit is rather at 30 °C.
Fresh Product at <= 5°CREFRIGERATED <=5°CTemperature <= 5°C. This method of storage is required for fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, ... It is even beneficial for storable products at room temperature, such as rice.
Frozen Product at <= 18°CFROZEN <= -18°CTemperature <= 18°C. The products are frozen food, no known harmful microbe to human health reproduces in this cold atmosphere.
ABSOLUTE -273.15°CTemperature Absolute zero Kelvin, ie, -273.15°C. The temperature of absolute cold is not physically achievable, but we can get closer.
HOT 63°CTemperature à 60°C to keep hot dishes.
BOILING 100°CBoiling point of water at 100 °C.
VERY HIGH T.Very High Temerature between 140 and 150°C, used to kill germs in the milk of cows, goats.
CELLAR 13-25°CA wine cellar should be maintained in the temperature interval of 13-25 °C.
SEMI-CONS. <=15°CSEMI-CONSERVE, food in tins but must be kept at the cool temperature <= 15 °C.

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