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Created 2010-11-01 10:28:13
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Posted by Dr WANG, 王先生

Epoch of The Chairman Mao Zedong (毛泽东时代 1949-1976), Memory of the China of Years 1950-1980:

maozd01.jpg #33 /76. Young Mao Zedong going to AnYuan.

Mao Zedong (毛泽东 in Chinese characters, Pinyin Máo Zédōng), can be written as Mao Tse-tung, Mao Tse-tung or Mao Tse-Tung, is a politician and military leader of China, founder and leader of the People's Republic of China. Son of a wealthy peasant, he was born in Shaoshan (韶山 Shaoshan) in the province of Hunan (湖南 Hunan) on December 26, 1893, and died in Beijing September 9, 1976 as a result of Parkinson's disease.

From a weak or sickly old China, he has completely shaped it in a New China. He trained first thousands of Communist Party cadres and soldiers to fight to the death, drove the Japanese invaders, subsequently overturned the nationalist regime of Jiang Kaichek, creating People's Republic of China (中华人民共和国). He is the first Chinese military leader, with millet and rifle, since the Opium War in 1840 in the Qing Dynasty, who stopped hyper powerful Western forces in Korea in the 1950s. Having thus obtained peace with the West, He attempted a quick economic construction. Unfortunately he completely failed in this soft side. It is de facto his successor DENG Xiaoping, from the year 1979, who succeeded in the Economic Recovery of China: it is now 2nd largest economy in the world since 2010.

However, Chinese people are grateful for his historic contribution. Maoism is the foremost the braveness to the extremism, his thought has equipped and well prepared the millions of Chinese modern capitalist bosses to face their daily hardships, and swim like a fish in water in the tsunami of capitalism.

MAO Zedong is a great man of the China, maybe one of the 3 greatest since the Chinese History. To a generation grown in Maoism, these memories give us childhood sweetness, happiness and above all a great strength for life.

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