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00010004Thé de Jeune Pousse8.900001000400010004: Thé de Jeune Pousse
00010006Rouleaux de Printemps 1pc2.490001000600010006: Rouleaux de Printemps 1pc
Price 2.49
00010007Wonton Fraîchement Préparé0.360001000700010007: Wonton Fraîchement Préparé
Price 0.36
00010008Nem Grande Taille1.990001000800010008: Nem Grande Taille
Price 1.99
00010009Nem Porc 1pc1.990001000900010009: Nem Porc 1pc
00010010Samoussa Bœuf 1pc1.990001001000010010: Samoussa Bœuf 1pc
Price 1.99
00010011Nem Chinois1.990001001100010011: Nem Chinois
Price 1.99
00010013Germes de Soja de Mungo 1kg5.000001001300010013: Germes de Soja de Mungo 1kg
06000001Mung Bean Cake ADI 4pc 200g5.430600000106000001: Mung Bean Cake ADI 4pc 200g
06000002Mung Bean and Coconut Cake ADI 4pc 200g5.720600000206000002: Mung Bean and Coconut Cake ADI 4pc 200g
Price 5.72
06000003Gâteau Moyen à la Pâte de Coco ADI 1pc5.650600000306000003: Gâteau Moyen à la Pâte de Coco ADI 1pc
06000004Double walnut cake ADI 1pc 230g6.000600000406000004: Double walnut cake ADI 1pc 230g
06000005Gâteau à la Pâte de Taro ADI 1pc5.930600000506000005: Gâteau à la Pâte de Taro ADI 1pc
06000006Gâteau Délice Soja croquant ADI 1pc2.070600000606000006: Gâteau Délice Soja croquant ADI 1pc
Price 2.07
06000007Gâteau Sucre Banane ADI 1pc 80g1.910600000706000007: Gâteau Sucre Banane ADI 1pc 80g
Price 1.91
06000008Gâteau au Délice Banane ADI 1pc2.510600000806000008: Gâteau au Délice Banane ADI 1pc
Price 2.51
06000009Soft Sesame Nougat ADI 5 bars 160g3.360600000906000009: Soft Sesame Nougat ADI 5 bars 160g
06000010Soft Peanut Nougat Mou ADI 5 bars 160g3.340600001006000010: Soft Peanut Nougat Mou ADI 5 bars 160g
06000011Peanut Tablette ADI 65g2.530600001106000011: Peanut Tablette ADI 65g
06000012Sesame Tablette ADI 65g2.530600001206000012: Sesame Tablette ADI 65g
06000013Gâteau Amandes ADI GM 1 paquet4.840600001306000013: Gâteau Amandes ADI GM 1 paquet
06000014Gâteau Amandes ADI PM 1 paquet4.840600001406000014: Gâteau Amandes ADI PM 1 paquet
06000015Tarte Coco ADI 5pc5.650600001506000015: Tarte Coco ADI 5pc
06000017Soft Nougat Peanut Sesame ADI 1kg14.180600001706000017: Soft Nougat Peanut Sesame ADI 1kg
06000018Peanut Tablette ADI 1kg18.920600001806000018: Peanut Tablette ADI 1kg
06000019Sesame Tablette ADI 1kg20.520600001906000019: Sesame Tablette ADI 1kg
vat3CATERING118.99vat3vat3: CATERING
09132174Ambassadeur Apéritif de Tradition 16% 1l14.520913217409132174: Ambassadeur Apéritif de Tradition 16% 1l
Price 14.52
09000001Persil Chinois1.250900000109000001: Persil Chinois
09000002Feuille de Menthe1.250900000209000002: Feuille de Menthe
Price 1.25
09010055Boulettes de Poulet 200g3.240901005509010055: Boulettes de Poulet 200g
09010056Saucisses MQL à l'Alcool de Rose 500g11.860901005609010056: Saucisses MQL à l'Alcool de Rose 500g
09010057Saucisses CH.NVH à 5 Parfums 500g12.650901005709010057: Saucisses CH.NVH à 5 Parfums 500g
09010058Brioches aux Champignons Parfumés 4p9.990901005809010058: Brioches aux Champignons Parfumés 4p
09010059Brioches de Poulet 4p5.450901005909010059: Brioches de Poulet 4p
09010060Brioches aux Porc Laqué 4p 380g9.450901006009010060: Brioches aux Porc Laqué 4p 380g
09010061Brioches aux Oeufs 4p 380g5.450901006109010061: Brioches aux Oeufs 4p 380g
09010062Perles au Noix de Coco 30p 1,2kg21.430901006209010062: Perles au Noix de Coco 30p 1,2kg
09010063Perles au Noix de Coco 8p 320g7.380901006309010063: Perles au Noix de Coco 8p 320g
09010064Crabes Farcis 10p 1,75kg23.090901006409010064: Crabes Farcis 10p 1,75kg
09010065Crabes Farcis 2p 350g5.110901006509010065: Crabes Farcis 2p 350g
09010066Samoussas au Bœuf 10p 550g16.650901006609010066: Samoussas au Bœuf 10p 550g
09010067Samoussas au Poulet 10p 550g10.650901006709010067: Samoussas au Poulet 10p 550g
09010068Ailes de Poulet Farcis 10p 1,2kg17.430901006809010068: Ailes de Poulet Farcis 10p 1,2kg
09010069Ailes de Poulet Farcis 2p 240g3.980901006909010069: Ailes de Poulet Farcis 2p 240g
09010070Riz Gluant Farci au Poulet 12p 3kg42.590901007009010070: Riz Gluant Farci au Poulet 12p 3kg
09010071Riz Gluant Farci au Poulet 1p 250g3.990901007109010071: Riz Gluant Farci au Poulet 1p 250g
09010072Pattes de Poulet 500g4.790901007209010072: Pattes de Poulet 500g
09010073Roulé au Porc et Crabe 50p24.990901007309010073: Roulé au Porc et Crabe 50p
09010074Brioches au Porc Laqué 4pc 380g9.450901007409010074: Brioches au Porc Laqué 4pc 380g
09010001Pâté Pur Porc: GIO SO 1 500g8.620901000109010001: Pâté Pur Porc: GIO SO 1 500g
09010002Pâté Pur Porc: GIO QUE HOUNG 500g8.990901000209010002: Pâté Pur Porc: GIO QUE HOUNG 500g
09010003Pâté Pur Porc GIO HH 500g8.990901000309010003: Pâté Pur Porc GIO HH 500g
09010004Pâté Pur Porc GIO BI Couenne EF 500g10.340901000409010004: Pâté Pur Porc GIO BI Couenne EF 500g

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