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CodeDescriptionIOT Price
09082640Special beef meatballs 360gPlease consult us for price
09061546Special Bun Flour CN 1kg6.13€
08890021Special Chicken Flavour Instantaneous Noodle 75g0.97€
07400375Special Chicken Flavour Instantaneous Noodle 75g0.97€
09081422Special Chicken Flavour Instantaneous Noodle 75g0.71€
08075153SPECIAL FONDUE 300G6.99€
08075154SPECIAL GRATIN +/-200G20.99€
09081393Special Gunpowder China Green Tea 1kg11.30€
09060537Special Gunpowder China Green Tea 500g6.93€
09081392Special Gunpowder China Green Tea 500g5.83€
09060535Special Gunpowder Green Tea 125g1.06€
09130720Special Gunpowder Green Tea 125g0.86€
09081390Special Gunpowder Green Tea 125g1.06€
09060538Special Gunpowder Green Tea 1kg10.36€
09060536Special Gunpowder Green Tea 250g2.99€
09081391Special Gunpowder Green Tea 250g2.99€
09040057Special Jasmine Tea Wuyishan 500g9.48€
08075155SPECIAL PIZZA 6X200G19.99€
00010053Spécialités chinoises en préparation…Please consult us for price
07862360Specially Backed Tofu 1pcPlease consult us for price

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