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CodeDescriptionIOT Price
09080245Gastrodia Elata 50g4.27
09080246Glehnia 100g2.93
09080247Amadouvier 50g11.10
09080248Angelique 200g4.20
09080249Codonopsis 150g2.99
09080250Ginseng 8 roots 100g6.78
09080251Adenophora 50g2.87
09080252Adenophora 150g2.99
09080318Gomphrena Globosa 40g2.25
09080319Rose 70g2.29
09080320Zinnia Elegant 30g2.24
09080321Chrysantheme 50g2.27
09040107Infusion Radix Astragali M11 - L’Astragale 200g 50S/CTN7.71
09040108Astragali M11 - L’Astragale 1kg 10S/CTNPlease consult us for price
09040109Infusion Poria Cocos M13 100g4.70
09040110Poria Cocos M13 - Le Pachisme 1kg 10S/CTNPlease consult us for price
09040111Infusion Radix Ophiopogonis M14 bag 100g7.19
09040112Infusion Bitter Abricot M15 - Abricot Amer - Amande Chinoise 200g 50S/CTN4.90
09040113Radix Isatidis M17 - Ban Lan Gen 200g 53S/CTNPlease consult us for price
09040114Infusion Radix Rehmanniae M20 100g4.28
09040115Radix Rehmanniae M20 - Rac. Rehmannia 1kg 10S/CTNPlease consult us for price
09040116Radix Rehmanniae Preparata M21 - Digitale de Chine 200g 50S/CTN4.28
09040117Radix Rehmanniae Preparata M21 - Digitale de Chine 1kg 10S/CTNPlease consult us for price
09040118Chrysanthemum M22 - Chrysanthème 100g 50S/CTNPlease consult us for price
09040119Infusion Radix Glycyrrizha M24 bag 100g3.37
09040120Radix Glycyrrizha M24 - La Réglisse 1kg 10S/CTNPlease consult us for price
09040121Infusion Radix Angelicas Sinensis - Angelica Sinensis M25 - Angélique Chinoise 100g 50S/CTN5.58
09040122Angelica Sinensis M25 - Angélique Chinoise 1kg 10S/CTNPlease consult us for price
09040123Infusion Radix Codonopsis M26 100g7.39
09040124Radix Codonopsis M26 1kg 10S/CTNPlease consult us for price
09040125Chinese Dates Tojoy Home M28 200g4.83
09040126Chinese Dates 300gPlease consult us for price
09040127Dattes Chinoises j 4G28J 454g 30S/CTN10.62
09040128Chinese Dates Xinjiang Beauty m 4G28M 400g 30S/CTN8.98
09040129Infusion Spica Punella Vulgaris M30 - Brunelle Commune bag 200g5.84
09040130Cortex Eucommiae Infusion M31 bag 100g2.55
09040131Cortex Eucommia M31 - Ecorce d’Eucom. 1kg 10S/CTNPlease consult us for price
09040132Infusion Genoderma Lucidum M33 - Lingzhi / Reishi Lamella bag 100g7.19
09040133Radix Dioscorea M34 bag 200g5.91
09040134Radix Dioscorea M34 - L’Igname 1kg 10S/CTNPlease consult us for price
09040135Crataegus Infusion M35 - Hawthorn 100g3.42
09040138Whole Star Aniseed Mount-Bakui M48 bag 100g2.74
09040139Étoile d’Anis M48 1kg 10S/CTNPlease consult us for price
09040140Semen Sterculiae M56 - La Scaphiglotte 100g4.76
09040141Chrysanthemu Infusion PS34 50g 53S/CTN5.47
09040142Infusion Honeysuckle PS36 bag 50g6.96
09040143Rose PS43 50g 50S/CTN5.10
09040144Special Jasmine Tea 125gPlease consult us for price
09040146Sliced Kirin Ginseng Jilin (In Lamelle) (10bt x30g)/Cartrage 30g11.73
09040147Lo Han Kuo Fruit B7 Fruit 3pcs/BT 100BT/CTN3.63
09040151Lo Han Kuo Fruit B7 Fruit powder bag 16x10g 60S/CTN 160g3.87
09040160Infusion Radix Angelicas Sinensis - Angelica Sinensis M25 - Angélique Chinoise fine slices 100g 50S/CTN5.59
09040161Infusion Radix Astragali - L’Astragale 100g 50S/CTN6.74
09040277Infusion Radix Ophiopogonis M14 bag 1kg7.19

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