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09130515Bonbon MAXI TAGADA Haribo 200pc10.600913051509130515: Bonbon MAXI TAGADA Haribo 200pc
Price 10.60
09130526Chocolate Topping Napage 1l12.910913052609130526: Chocolate Topping Napage 1l
09170067Ananas Cube 250g1.990917006709170067: Ananas Cube 250g
09170068Banane Chips 125g1.190917006809170068: Banane Chips 125g
09170069Gingembre Confit 200g3.990917006909170069: Gingembre Confit 200g
09170070Kiwi Tranche 125g2.990917007009170070: Kiwi Tranche 125g
09170071Maïs Grillé Salé 150g0.990917007109170071: Maïs Grillé Salé 150g
09170072Mélange Exotique 250g1.990917007209170072: Mélange Exotique 250g
09170073Mélange Japonais 100g1.690917007309170073: Mélange Japonais 100g
09170074Papaye Cube 250g1.990917007409170074: Papaye Cube 250g
09170083Oignon Doux Confit des Cévennes 190g4.990917008309170083: Oignon Doux Confit des Cévennes 190g
09130550Airelles Naturelles Les Margerides Bocal 350g4.360913055009130550: Airelles Naturelles Les Margerides Bocal 350g
09170085Abricot Moëleux 250g3.990917008509170085: Abricot Moëleux 250g
09170087Graine de Courge 125g1.690917008709170087: Graine de Courge 125g
09170089Raisin Sultanine 250g1.990917008909170089: Raisin Sultanine 250g
09170090Tournesol Grillé Salé 125g14.400917009009170090: Tournesol Grillé Salé 125g
09170088Maïs à Pop Corn Cru 250g1.490917008809170088: Maïs à Pop Corn Cru 250g
06260007Nougat Tendre Grand Boîte 78pc 1kg14.120626000706260007: Nougat Tendre Grand Boîte 78pc 1kg
Price 14.12
06260008Nougat Petit 250g2.930626000806260008: Nougat Petit 250g
06010033Coco confit 100g env.1.800601003306010033: Coco confit 100g env.
Price 1.80
09080867x15Sesame Crisp Flakes 15*136g1.3409080867x1509080867x15: Sesame Crisp Flakes 15*136g
09061193Ginger Jam with Orange and Lime 330g5.390906119309061193: Ginger Jam with Orange and Lime 330g
Price 5.39
09061194Pink Guava Jam 330g5.540906119409061194: Pink Guava Jam 330g
Price 5.54
09061195Lychee Jam 330g5.800906119509061195: Lychee Jam 330g
Price 5.80
09170098Arachide Sucrée 200g1.880917009809170098: Arachide Sucrée 200g
09170100Pâte d'Arachide Sucrée/Salée 500g6.470917010009170100: Pâte d'Arachide Sucrée/Salée 500g
09061216Peanut Sesame Candy 100g2.270906121609061216: Peanut Sesame Candy 100g
Price 2.27
09170102Pruneaux d'Agen Dénoyautés 55/66 500g3.490917010209170102: Pruneaux d'Agen Dénoyautés 55/66 500g
09130721Nutella Cup 200g3.030913072109130721: Nutella Cup 200g
09170108Tunisian Date Paste 1kg3.740917010809170108: Tunisian Date Paste 1kg
09130608Peanut Butter Dakatine 850g10.620913060809130608: Peanut Butter Dakatine 850g
Price 10.62
09061256Pumpin Seed Cake 100g1.210906125609061256: Pumpin Seed Cake 100g
09061257Sweet Curred Plum 50g1.720906125709061257: Sweet Curred Plum 50g
09061258Sweet Curred Plum 100g2.420906125809061258: Sweet Curred Plum 100g
09170127Fruits en Pâte d'Amande 600g58.500917012709170127: Fruits en Pâte d'Amande 600g
09130892Confit de Pétales de Roses GL 300g4.830913089209130892: Confit de Pétales de Roses GL 300g
09130893Confiture Marron Provence La Gauthière Pot 350g7.030913089309130893: Confiture Marron Provence La Gauthière Pot 350g
09130895Spread Nutella 400g4.210913089509130895: Spread Nutella 400g
08890084Tamarind Candy 150g2.140889008408890084: Tamarind Candy 150g
08890085Ginger Candy 150g3.640889008508890085: Ginger Candy 150g
08890086Ginseng Coffee Candy 5*20g 100g3.090889008608890086: Ginseng Coffee Candy 5*20g 100g
08890087Kacang Shanghai: Shanghai Peanut 450g4.430889008708890087: Kacang Shanghai: Shanghai Peanut 450g
09130917Tunisian Date Paste GOLDATTE 1kg2.940913091709130917: Tunisian Date Paste GOLDATTE 1kg
09130921Confit de Poivrons GL 300g4.830913092109130921: Confit de Poivrons GL 300g
09130922Confit of Shallot GL 300g4.950913092209130922: Confit of Shallot GL 300g
09130923Confiture Coings GL 300g5.180913092309130923: Confiture Coings GL 300g
09130924Tomates Vertes Cuites Sucre GL 300g4.840913092409130924: Tomates Vertes Cuites Sucre GL 300g
08010107Candied Ginger 350g5.430801010708010107: Candied Ginger 350g
Price 5.43
08010264Gingembre Confit Cube 500g6.610801026408010264: Gingembre Confit Cube 500g
Price 6.61
08010277Halva Dilek Arachide 400 Gr X 20Please consult us for price 0801027708010277: Halva Dilek Arachide 400 Gr X 20 Please consult us for price
08010278Halva Dilek Arachide 800 Gr X 16Please consult us for price 0801027808010278: Halva Dilek Arachide 800 Gr X 16 Please consult us for price
08010279Halva Dilek Chocolat 400 Gr X 20Please consult us for price 0801027908010279: Halva Dilek Chocolat 400 Gr X 20 Please consult us for price
08010280Halva Dilek Chocolat 800 Gr X 16Please consult us for price 0801028008010280: Halva Dilek Chocolat 800 Gr X 16 Please consult us for price
08010281Halva Dilek Nature 400 Gr X 20Please consult us for price 0801028108010281: Halva Dilek Nature 400 Gr X 20 Please consult us for price

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