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09010056Saucisses MQL à l'Alcool de Rose 500g10.52€0901005609010056: Saucisses MQL à l'Alcool de Rose 500g
09010057Saucisses CH.NVH à 5 Parfums 500g10.52€0901005709010057: Saucisses CH.NVH à 5 Parfums 500g
09010001Pâté Pur Porc: GIO SO 1 500g8.56€0901000109010001: Pâté Pur Porc: GIO SO 1 500g
09010002Pâté Pur Porc: GIO QUE HOUNG 500g7.52€0901000209010002: Pâté Pur Porc: GIO QUE HOUNG 500g
09010003Pâté Pur Porc GIO HH 500g7.49€0901000309010003: Pâté Pur Porc GIO HH 500g
09010004Pâté Pur Porc GIO BI Couenne EF 500g8.56€0901000409010004: Pâté Pur Porc GIO BI Couenne EF 500g
09010005Pâté Pur Porc GIO Dac Biet 500g5.49€0901000509010005: Pâté Pur Porc GIO Dac Biet 500g
09010006Pâté Pur Porc GIO Frit 200g3.20€0901000609010006: Pâté Pur Porc GIO Frit 200g
09010007Pâté Pur Porc GIO Cannelle 200g3.20€0901000709010007: Pâté Pur Porc GIO Cannelle 200g
09010008Pâté Pur Bœuf GIO 500g7.49€0901000809010008: Pâté Pur Bœuf GIO 500g
09010009Pâté Pur Porc GIO Couenne HQ 500g5.49€0901000909010009: Pâté Pur Porc GIO Couenne HQ 500g
09010010Pâté Pur Poulet GIO GA 500g7.49€0901001009010010: Pâté Pur Poulet GIO GA 500g
09010011Pâté Pur Porc GIO + H.T.H6.49€0901001109010011: Pâté Pur Porc GIO + H.T.H
09010012Nem Chua Sô n°1 (Rose) 300g10.28€0901001209010012: Nem Chua Sô n°1 (Rose) 300g
09010013Nem Chua Lâ Tâ'm Ruôt (Violet, +Feuille) 300g9.28€0901001309010013: Nem Chua Lâ Tâ'm Ruôt (Violet, +Feuille) 300g
09010014Nem Chua Grand Nem 180g4.17€0901001409010014: Nem Chua Grand Nem 180g
09060005Saucisse Chinoise MeiKuei Lu SO 1 Viet Huong sachet 500g11.64€0906000509060005: Saucisse Chinoise MeiKuei Lu SO 1 Viet Huong sachet 500g
Price 11.64€
09060996Canard Morceau à l'Orange 400g6.59€0906099609060996: Canard Morceau à l'Orange 400g
Price 6.59€
09060997Westlake Duck 40g6.59€0906099709060997: Westlake Duck 40g
06250001Sausage Lap-Xuong with Spices 500g7.59€0625000106250001: Sausage Lap-Xuong with Spices 500g
06250002Sausage Lap-Xuong with Spices 200g3.74€0625000206250002: Sausage Lap-Xuong with Spices 200g
06250003Sausage Lap-Xuong with Mei Kuei Lu Chiew 500g11.62€0625000306250003: Sausage Lap-Xuong with Mei Kuei Lu Chiew 500g
06250004Sausage Lap-Xuong with Mei Kuei Lu Chiew 200g3.93€0625000406250004: Sausage Lap-Xuong with Mei Kuei Lu Chiew 200g
06250005Chinese Sausage with Pork and Liver 250g4.29€0625000506250005: Chinese Sausage with Pork and Liver 250g
06250010Dried Shredded Pork Skin 100g7.13€0625001006250010: Dried Shredded Pork Skin 100g
06250011Dried Shredded Pork Skin 100g3.61€0625001106250011: Dried Shredded Pork Skin 100g
06250012Fried Pork Rind Gratons 100g3.63€0625001206250012: Fried Pork Rind Gratons 100g
06250013Fried Pork Rind Gratons 50g2.06€0625001306250013: Fried Pork Rind Gratons 50g
06250014Da Heo Phong 50g2.25€0625001406250014: Da Heo Phong 50g
06250015Tendon de Pied De Boeuf 100g4.32€0625001506250015: Tendon de Pied De Boeuf 100g
06250016Crackling de Porc 65g1.77€0625001606250016: Crackling de Porc 65g
06250017Grilled Dried Beef with Curry 70g*4.08€0625001706250017: Grilled Dried Beef with Curry 70g*
06250018Grilled Dried Beef with Spices 70g4.08€0625001806250018: Grilled Dried Beef with Spices 70g
06250019Glazed Pork's Ear Galanga Sauce 300g4.03€0625001906250019: Glazed Pork's Ear Galanga Sauce 300g
06250020Panse de Porc Laque 280g4.53€0625002006250020: Panse de Porc Laque 280g
06250021Abats de Porc Laque 400g4.48€0625002106250021: Abats de Porc Laque 400g
06250022Jarret de Bœuf au Galanga 500g4.59€0625002206250022: Jarret de Bœuf au Galanga 500g
06250023Gésier de Dinde au Galanga 300g3.55€0625002306250023: Gésier de Dinde au Galanga 300g
06250024Ailes de Poulet au Galanga 300g3.55€0625002406250024: Ailes de Poulet au Galanga 300g
06250025Dried Pork Bag 120g6.14€0625002506250025: Dried Pork Bag 120g
06250026Shredded Fried Pork 120g7.14€0625002606250026: Shredded Fried Pork 120g
06250027Preserved Porc "Gui-Xiang" 300g4.36€0625002706250027: Preserved Porc
06250028Cuisse de Canard " Gui- Xiang " 300g4.56€0625002806250028: Cuisse de Canard
06250031Nem Chua Ls 200g3.74€0625003106250031: Nem Chua Ls 200g
06250032Gio So Mot 500g6.62€0625003206250032: Gio So Mot 500g
06250033Gio "O" Chanh Cong 500g5.62€0625003306250033: Gio
06250034Gio "O" Chanh Cong 250g3.31€0625003406250034: Gio
06250035Gio "Bl" 500g5.62€0625003506250035: Gio
06250036Pâté de Jambonneau 500g4.79€0625003606250036: Pâté de Jambonneau 500g
06250037Pâté de Saté +50g 550g6.65€0625003706250037: Pâté de Saté +50g 550g
06250038Sate Paste 200g4.24€0625003806250038: Sate Paste 200g
06250040Beef Meatballs 500g7.59€0625004006250040: Beef Meatballs 500g
06250041Boulettes de Boeuf + Nerf 500g7.59€0625004106250041: Boulettes de Boeuf + Nerf 500g
06250042Boulette de Porc 500g7.59€0625004206250042: Boulette de Porc 500g

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