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22220199bowl stand518.002222019922220199: bowl stand
22220202cake kneading-trough179.002222020222220202: cake kneading-trough
22220203bamboo meal basket408.002222020322220203: bamboo meal basket
22220204bamboo meal basket207.002222020422220204: bamboo meal basket
22220205meal basket482.002222020522220205: meal basket
22220206bamboo meal basket292.002222020622220206: bamboo meal basket
22220207bamboo meal basket737.002222020722220207: bamboo meal basket
22220208bamboo meal basket410.002222020822220208: bamboo meal basket
22220209box88.002222020922220209: box
22220212child bath170.002222021222220212: child bath
22220213red/black/natural bucket74.002222021322220213: red/black/natural bucket
22220214bucket186.002222021422220214: bucket
22220215child bath199.002222021522220215: child bath
22220216child bath115.002222021622220216: child bath
22220217red/black/natural open bucket80.502222021722220217: red/black/natural open bucket
22220218bucket150.002222021822220218: bucket
22220226cake kneading-trough182.002222022622220226: cake kneading-trough
22220227red/black/natural wooden container90.502222022722220227: red/black/natural wooden container
22220228bucket181.002222022822220228: bucket
22220229bucket94.002222022922220229: bucket
22220230bowl247.002222023022220230: bowl
22220231meal basket737.002222023122220231: meal basket
22220232house ceil decoration1 730.002222023222220232: house ceil decoration
22220233bamboo craft178.002222023322220233: bamboo craft
22220234doors895.002222023422220234: doors
22220235window pane519.002222023522220235: window pane
22220236window pane1 730.002222023622220236: window pane
22220237window pane490.002222023722220237: window pane
22220238window pane260.002222023822220238: window pane
22220239house ceil decoration1 930.002222023922220239: house ceil decoration
22220520frame657.002222052022220520: frame
22220521frame658.002222052122220521: frame
22220580abacus168.002222058022220580: abacus
22220597bowl239.002222059722220597: bowl
22220598plate candy81.002222059822220598: plate candy
22220599woven basket in bamboo92.502222059922220599: woven basket in bamboo
22220600cake kneading-trough75.002222060022220600: cake kneading-trough
22220601water bucket104.002222060122220601: water bucket
22220602wooden basket75.002222060222220602: wooden basket
22220603water bucket86.502222060322220603: water bucket
22220604bird cage268.002222060422220604: bird cage
22220605basket in root of bamboo154.002222060522220605: basket in root of bamboo
22220615incense pot2 600.002222061522220615: incense pot
22220616painted pane152.002222061622220616: painted pane
22220741bowl stand294.002222074122220741: bowl stand
22220784bucket148.002222078422220784: bucket
22220785rice measure149.002222078522220785: rice measure
22220786rice measure118.002222078622220786: rice measure
22220787rice measure152.002222078722220787: rice measure
22220788cage316.002222078822220788: cage
22220789bucket of culture of shoot of Soya148.002222078922220789: bucket of culture of shoot of Soya
22220790water bucket83.002222079022220790: water bucket
22220791water bucket110.002222079122220791: water bucket
22220792bowl with feet151.002222079222220792: bowl with feet

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