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09060002Agar Agar Thread bag 42g4.03€09060002: Agar Agar Thread bag 42g
Price 4.03€
09060018Pois Secs Végétaux 420g2.58€09060018: Pois Secs Végétaux 420g
Price 2.58€
09060040Haricot Cail Stick 200g1.57€09060040: Haricot Cail Stick 200g
09060048Dried Lily Flowers EG 200g5.20€09060048: Dried Lily Flowers EG 200g
Price 5.20€
09060051White Fungus 100g5.99€09060051: White Fungus 100g
Price 5.99€
09060064White Black Fungus 80g1.82€09060064: White Black Fungus 80g
Price 1.82€
09060091Varech Comestible 40g2.37€09060091: Varech Comestible 40g
Price 2.37€
09060093Champignon Parfumé Shiitake Sec 3kg107.23€09060093: Champignon Parfumé Shiitake Sec 3kg
Price 107.23€
09060099Pousse Bambou Sec 227g3.43€09060099: Pousse Bambou Sec 227g
09060101Pousse Bambou Filament Sec 200g3.22€09060101: Pousse Bambou Filament Sec 200g
09060117Black Fungus Red Eagle bag 50g2.35€09060117: Black Fungus Red Eagle bag 50g
Price 2.35€
09060127Champignon Parfumé Shiitake Filaments 2kg35.41€09060127: Champignon Parfumé Shiitake Filaments 2kg
Price 35.41€
09060128Champignon Parfumé Shiitake 150g183.15€09060128: Champignon Parfumé Shiitake 150g
09060129Bamboo Slices PSP 540g2.10€09060129: Bamboo Slices PSP 540g
Price 2.10€
09060146Algue Séchée Hai Filament EG 113g1.14€09060146: Algue Séchée Hai Filament  EG 113g
09060162Champignon Parfumé Fleur 150g4.65€09060162: Champignon Parfumé Fleur 150g
09060181Champignon Noir Sec WZ 5kg146.26€09060181: Champignon Noir Sec WZ 5kg
09060185Champignon Sèche 100g3.02€09060185: Champignon Sèche 100g
09060207Ching Po Leung Soup 150g3.57€09060207: Ching Po Leung Soup 150g
Price 3.57€
09060278Haricot Mungo Décortiqué 400g3.38€09060278: Haricot Mungo Décortiqué 400g
Price 3.38€
09060394Champignon Noir & Blanc Sec 80g1.24€09060394: Champignon Noir & Blanc Sec 80g
09060408Haricot Cornille Légumor 1kg5.34€09060408: Haricot Cornille Légumor 1kg
Price 5.34€
09060411Red Bean USA 1kg7.07€09060411: Red Bean USA 1kg
Price 7.07€
09060417Haricot Mungo Vert 1kg7.07€09060417: Haricot Mungo Vert 1kg
Price 7.07€
09060433Auricularia Polytricha 1kg21.34€09060433: Auricularia Polytricha 1kg
Price 21.34€
09060450Blanck Fungus Red Swallow 5kg21.65€09060450: Blanck Fungus Red Swallow 5kg
09060461Ail Séché 1kg6.82€09060461: Ail Séché 1kg
Price 6.82€
09060465Echalote Lanière 1kg11.69€09060465: Echalote Lanière 1kg
Price 11.69€
09060466White Sesame CN bag 227g2.52€09060466: White Sesame CN bag 227g
Price 2.52€
09060467Black Sesam VN 200g3.46€09060467: Black Sesam VN 200g
Price 3.46€
09060469Oignon Lanière BL/R 1kg9.62€09060469: Oignon Lanière BL/R 1kg
Price 9.62€
09060676Dried Papaya Vinawang 100g2.92€09060676: Dried Papaya Vinawang 100g
Price 2.92€
09060677Haricot Mungo Vert 25kg3.63€09060677: Haricot Mungo Vert 25kg
09060711Korean Sushi YakiNori 5 Sheets 14g1.43€09060711: Korean Sushi YakiNori 5 Sheets 14g
09060981Grain Soja Jaune EG CN 1kg3.79€09060981: Grain Soja Jaune EG CN 1kg
09060982Canada Soybeans 25kg2.90€09060982: Canada Soybeans 25kg
09080167Soupe Instantanée Miso 58.5g2.24€09080167: Soupe Instantanée Miso 58.5g
09080168Soupe Instantanée Miso 61.5g1.66€09080168: Soupe Instantanée Miso 61.5g
09080169Soupe Instantanée Miso Japon 67.5g2.83€09080169: Soupe Instantanée Miso Japon 67.5g
09080202Champignon Parfumé (2-3cm) 100g3.34€09080202: Champignon Parfumé (2-3cm) 100g
09080243Fleurs de Lis 200g1.49€09080243: Fleurs de Lis 200g
09080253Bolet 50g4.12€09080253: Bolet 50g
09080254Coprin Chevelu 100g4.18€09080254: Coprin Chevelu 100g
09080255Agaricus 100g5.58€09080255: Agaricus 100g
09080256Vesse de Loup 80g3.32€09080256: Vesse de Loup 80g
09080257Pholiote 100g4.18€09080257: Pholiote 100g
09080258Grifola Frondosa 80g3.32€09080258: Grifola Frondosa 80g
09080259Pleurote Jaune 80g4.16€09080259: Pleurote Jaune 80g
09080260Pleurote Or 80g4.16€09080260: Pleurote Or 80g
09080261Hericium Erinaleus 80g3.32€09080261: Hericium Erinaleus 80g
09080262Pleurote Abalonus 80g4.16€09080262: Pleurote Abalonus 80g
09080263Pleurote Blanche 80g4.16€09080263: Pleurote Blanche 80g
09080264Pleurote Petite Blanche 80g4.16€09080264: Pleurote Petite Blanche 80g
09080265Pleurote du Panicaut 80g4.16€09080265: Pleurote du Panicaut 80g

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