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CodeDescriptionIOT Price
09040029Natural Ginger Tea Fine Tonic 20x2g 40g5.29
09040031Jasmine Tea 100 bags 200g6.72
09040036Chinese Yunan Fine Tonic BELLIGNE Tea 20x2g 40g4.65
09040037Help Sleeping Herbal Tea Fine Tonic 20x2g 40g4.89
09040001Yunnan Tuocha Slim4.74
09040002Yunnan Tuocha with ginseng 20x2g 40g4.74
09040003Yunnan Touthé (Tuocha) au lotus (bte mauve)4.74
09040004Artichoke Herbal Tea 20x2g 40g4.53
09040011Fine Tonic 20x1.8g 36g5.68
09040013My Beauty Fine Tonic5.89
09040021China Green Tea 100x2g 200g2.66
09040022Thé Vert de Chine 125g 6010.87
09040023Thé Vert de Chine 1kg 60411.97
09040024Thé Vert de Chine 250g 602: 80 paquets3.94
09040025Thé Vert de Chine 500g 6036.37
09060532Thé Amincissant Fine Tonic Oolong 36g7.40
09060534Thé Amincissant Toucha Belligne 20*2g 40g4.65
09090181Thé Brule graisse Minceur FT 20x1,5g3.54
09090182Thé Goyave Cholestérol FT 20x2g3.44
09090204Thé à l'Artichaud Fine Tonic 20 sachets 40g4.41
09090205Thé Ginseng Slim Special Fine Tonic 20 sachets 40g4.45
09061778Kolestro Tea FT 40g5.83
09061973ANTIFOOD SLIM TEA 20x2g 40g4.90
09040057Special Jasmine Tea Wuyishan 500g9.80
09040059ANTIFOOD SLIM TEA 20x2g 40g5.08
09040060Transit Intestinal TEA 20x2g 40g5.27
09040061ANTIFOOD SLIM TEA 20x2g 40g5.48
09040062Pu-Erh Infusion Fine Tonic 20x2g 40g5.03
09040063Lemon Grass Herbal Tea 40x2g 40g3.86
09040065Brulgraice SlimingTea 20sx1,5g 30g5.64
09040068Yunnan Mini Tuocha 20pc x 3g 60g6.01
09040069Yunnan Mini Tuocha Tea Mini-nest 20s x3g 60g6.24
09040070Yunnan Tuocha Tea Round Box 100g7.34
09040074Action-Man Tea Fine Tonic 20sx2g bte 40g5.43
09040078Kolestro Tea FT 40g5.83
09040080Thé Goyave Cholestérol FT 20x2g3.44
09040081Ginkgo Biloba Infusion for Circulation - Memory 20sx1,5g 30g4.50
09040082Infusion Cranberry Aide anti urinary infection 20s x 1.5g 30g5.03
09040087Organic Pu-Erh Tea bulk Fine Tonic bag 150g6.13
09040107Infusion Radix Astragali M11 - L’Astragale 200g 50S/CTN7.71
09040109Infusion Poria Cocos M13 100g4.70
09040111Infusion Radix Ophiopogonis M14 bag 100g7.19
09040112Infusion Bitter Abricot M15 - Abricot Amer - Amande Chinoise 200g 50S/CTN4.90
09040119Infusion Radix Glycyrrizha M24 bag 100g3.37
09040123Infusion Radix Codonopsis M26 100g7.39
09040133Radix Dioscorea M34 bag 200g5.91
09040141Chrysanthemu Infusion PS34 50g 53S/CTN5.47
09040142Infusion Honeysuckle PS36 bag 50g6.96
09040144Special Jasmine Tea 125gPlease consult us for price
09040148Japanese Matcha Fine Tonic 100g8.02
09040149Black Tea Ceylan 20bags3.90
09040150Black Tea Ceylan 20bags3.90
09040152Afternoon Tea 144g6.25

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