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Anchovy 萃取物 => 
hā cuì qǔ wùA :
n :
c :
h :
o :
v :
y :
hā: the sound made by breathing in; oh! (cf. U+311B BOPOMOFO LETTER O, which is derived from this character)
萃 cuì: dense, thick, close-set; to collect together
取 qǔ: take, receive, obtain; select
物 wù: thing, substance, creature

ci1. Input a word like 英国 :


xie20Chinese  Pinyin Pinyin: Transcription in latin alphabet of Chinese pronunciation of Chinese ideograms. Input, type qipao for 旗袍:                Help


To facilitate prenonciation of Chinese ideograms original of drawing, the government of the People's Republic of China has adopted a Pinyin system in the years 1955-1957, becomed ISO 7098 in 1982, using the Latin alphabet. Please take a look at Pinyin for more explanations.

Complementary to this page, you can translate a Latin language, English, in Chinese characters by pronunciation, ie, the transliteration.

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