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United States of America is a country on the continent North America, her capital is Washington. Here is the hierarchy of the United States of America administrative divisions: United States of America is subdivided into states, that are at their turn subdivided into counties, that are at their turn subdivided into cities, towns and villages.

How French name their localities: department, city, town, district ? You find also their zipcode. The cities, towns in France are all called communes with a Mayer as administtrative chief, independently of its population and town size. Sometime, a town with only 3 souls has a mayer.

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City/Town Ref.26056
City/TownOklahoma City
City/Town in FrenchOklahoma City
City/Town in Chinese俄克拉何马城
City/Town in SpanishOklahoma City
City/Town in ItalianOklahoma City
City/Town in PortugueseOklahoma City
City/Town in GermainOklahoma City
CityXOklahoma City
Pinyiné kè lā hé mǎ chéng
CountryUnited States of America
Population532 950
PopulationArea1 131 070


City/Town Ref.26100
City/Town in FrenchOmaha
City/Town in Chinese奥马哈
City/Town in SpanishOmaha
City/Town in ItalianOmaha
City/Town in PortugueseOmaha
City/Town in GermainOmaha
Pinyinào mǎ hā
CountryUnited States of America
PopulationArea748 823


City/Town Ref.26252
City/Town in FrenchOrlando
City/Town in Chinese奥兰多
City/Town in SpanishOrlando
City/Town in ItalianOrlando
City/Town in PortugueseOrlando
City/Town in GermainOrlando
Pinyinào lán duō
CountryUnited States of America
PopulationArea1 901 399


City/Town Ref.26509
City/Town in FrenchOwings-Mills
City/Town in Chinese奥因斯-米尔斯
City/Town in SpanishOwings-Mills
City/Town in ItalianOwings-Mills
City/Town in PortugueseOwings-Mills
City/Town in GermainOwings-Mills
Pinyinào yīn sī mǐ ěr sī
CountryUnited States of America

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This is very different from the Chinese calling. There one has Chief of Village, Chief of Town, Chief of City.

In France, the zipcode is generally composed of 5 digits, of which the first two are the code of the departement that it belongs to.


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