Chinese Unicode Characters

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Chinese Unicode Characters

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IDmeaningUnicode Hex.Unicode Dec.HTMLGlyphpinyin
1(same as U+4E18 丘) hillock or moundU+340013312㐀qiū
2to lick; to taste, a mat, bamboo barkU+340113313㐁tiǎn tiàn
3(J) non-standard form of U+559C 喜, to like, love, enjoy; a joyful thingU+340213314㐂 
4 U+340413316㐄kuà
5(an ancient form of U+4E94 五) fiveU+340513317㐅
6(corrupted form) to follow, to trust to; to put confidence in; to depend on, to turn around; to turn the body, (interchangeable 隱)U+340613318㐆yǐn
7a tribe of savages in South ChinaU+340C13324㐌sì yí
8㐖毒, an old name for IndiaU+341613334㐖
9(same as 仇) an enemy, enmity, hatred, to hate, a rival, a matchU+341C13340㐜chóu
10(same as 懦) weak; timid; imbecileU+342113345㐡nuò
11to implore; to beseech, to seek after, to beg; to prayU+342413348㐤qiú
12(J) non-standard form of 第 U+7B2C, sequence, number; grade, degreeU+342713351㐧 
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