Chinese Unicode Characters

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Chinese Unicode Characters

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IDmeaningUnicode Hex.Unicode Dec.HTMLGlyphpinyin
14wine cupsU+342913353㐩xíng
212with purpose; with ambition; with the determination and courage to get aheadU+351513589㔕jí yì
334wrath; angerU+35A413732㖤hán
350whisper, bad languageU+35BB13755㖻róu
428whisper; to whistleU+361713847㘗 
441wall made of soil, used in name of placesU+362613862㘦qín
464wall; fence, (interchangeable with 兑) a holeU+364213890㙂duì
539with a big mouth, great; big; vastU+369713975㚗qié xié
544with great power; vigorous; very strong; with great force, (same as 域) a frontier; a boundary; region, great; big; vastU+369C13980㚜xù yù
557with a charming sprightly carriage (said of a woman)U+36A913993㚩rǎn
581weak and smallU+36C214018㛂nuǒ
595womanly, (same as 姶 ancient form) exquisite; fine, used in girl's name, clever; bright; nimble, cute; lovableU+36D514037㛕
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