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Beijing GMT+8

This page gives the local time and timezone of a country or a city in the World, please enjoy...

For a global view, please consult the full list of countries/locations in the World.

0Aaland Islands GMT+2
1Afghanistan GMT+4.5
2Africa GMT0
3Albania GMT+1
4Algeria GMT+1
5American Samoa GMT-11
6Andorra GMT+1
7Angola GMT+1
8Anguilla GMT-4
9Antarctica GMT0
10Antigua and Barbuda GMT-4
11Arctic Ocean GMT0
12Argentina GMT-3
13Armenia GMT+4
14Aruba GMT-4
15Ashmore and Cartier Islands GMT+8
16Asia GMT0
17Asia and South Pacific GMT0
18Atlantic Ocean GMT0
19Australia GMT+8
20Australia GMT0
21Austria GMT+1
22Azerbaijan GMT+4
23Azores GMT-1
24Bahamas, The GMT-5
25Bahrain GMT+3
26Baker Island GMT-12
27Bangladesh GMT+6
28Barbados GMT-4
29Bassas da India GMT+5
30Belarus GMT+2
31Belgium GMT+1
32Belize GMT-6
33Benin GMT+1
34Bermuda GMT-4
35Bhutan GMT+6
36Bolivia GMT-4
37Bosnia and Herzegovina GMT+1
38Botswana GMT+2
39Bouvet Island GMT+1
40Brazil GMT-2
41British Indian Ocean Territory GMT+6
42Brunei GMT+8
43Bulgaria GMT+2
44Burkina Faso GMT0
45Burundi GMT+2
46Cambodia GMT+7
47Cameroon GMT+1
48Canada GMT-3.5
49Canary Islands GMT+1
50Cape Verde GMT-1
51Cayman Islands GMT-5
52Central Africa GMT+1
53Chad GMT+1
54Chile GMT-4
55China GMT+8
56Christmas Island GMT-7
57Clipperton Island GMT-8
58Cocos (Keeling) Islands GMT+6.5
59Colombia GMT-5
60Comoros GMT+3
61Congo GMT+1
62Congo, Democratic GMT+1
63Cook Islands GMT-10
64Coral Sea Islands GMT+11
65Costa Rica GMT-6
66Cote d'Ivory GMT0
67Council of Europe GMT0
68Croatia GMT+1
69Cuba GMT-5
70Cyprus GMT+2
71Czech Republic GMT+1
72Denmark GMT+1
73Djibouti GMT+3
74Dominica GMT-4
75Dominican Republic GMT-4
76East Timor GMT+7
77Eastern and Central Europe GMT0
78Ecuador GMT-5
79Egypt GMT+2
80El Salvador GMT-6
81Equatorial Guinea GMT+1
82Eritrea GMT+3
83Estonia GMT+2
84Ethiopia GMT+3
85Europa Island GMT0
86Europe GMT0
87European Union GMT+1
88Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) GMT-4
89Faroe Islands GMT0
90Fiji GMT+12
91Finland GMT+2
92France GMT+1
93France Total GMT+1
94French Guiana GMT-3
95French Polynesia GMT-10
96French Southern and Antarctic Lands GMT+5
97Gabon GMT+1
98Gambia, The GMT0
99Gaza Strip GMT+2
100Georgia GMT+3
101Germany GMT+1
102Ghana GMT0
103Gibraltar GMT+1
104Glorioso Islands GMT+4
105Greece GMT+2
106Greenland GMT-3
107Grenada GMT-4
108Guadeloupe GMT-4
109Guam GMT+10
110Guatemala GMT-6
111Guernsey GMT0
112Guinea GMT0
113Guinea-Bissau GMT0
114Guyana GMT-3
115Haiti GMT-5
116Heard Island and McDonald Islands GMT+5
117Honduras GMT-6
118Hong Kong GMT+8
119Howland Island GMT-12
120Hungary GMT+1
121Iceland GMT0
122India GMT+5.5
123Indian Ocean GMT0
124Indonesia GMT+7
125Iran GMT+3.5
126Iraq GMT+3
127Ireland GMT0
128Israel GMT+2
129Italy GMT+1
130Jamaica GMT-5
131Jan Mayen GMT+1
133Jarvis Island GMT-11
134Jersey GMT0
135Johnston Atoll GMT-10
136Jordan GMT+2
137Juan de Nova Island GMT+3
138Kazakhstan GMT+6
139Kenya GMT+3
140Kingman Reef GMT-11
141Kiribati GMT+12
142Korea, North GMT+9
143Korea, South GMT+9
144Kosovo GMT+1
145Kuwait GMT+3
146Kyrgyzstan GMT+5
147Laos GMT+7
148Latvia GMT+2
149Lebanon GMT+2
150Lesotho GMT+2
151Liberia GMT0
152Libya GMT+2
153Liechtenstein GMT+1
154Lithuania GMT+2
155Luxembourg GMT+1
156Macau GMT+8
157Macedonia GMT+1
158Madagascar GMT+3
159Madeira GMT0
160Malawi GMT+2
161Malaysia GMT+8
162Maldives GMT+5
163Mali GMT0
164Malta GMT+1
165Man, Isle of GMT0
166Marshall Islands GMT+12
167Martinique GMT-4
168Mauritania GMT0
169Mauritius GMT+4
170Mayotte GMT+3
171Mexico GMT-6
172Micronesia, Federated States of GMT+10
173Middle East GMT0
174Midway Islands GMT-10
175Moldova GMT+2
176Monaco GMT+1
177Mongolia GMT+8
178Montenegro GMT+1
179Montserrat GMT-4
180Morocco GMT0
181Mozambique GMT+2
182Myanmar GMT+6.5
183Namibia GMT+2
184Nauru GMT+12
185Navassa Island GMT-5
186Nepal GMT+5.75
187Netherlands GMT+1
188Netherlands Antilles GMT-4
189New Caledonia GMT+11
190New Zealand GMT+12
191Nicaragua GMT-5
192Niger GMT+1
193Nigeria GMT+1
194Niue GMT+11
195Nordic Countries GMT0
196Norfolk Island GMT+11.5
197North America GMT0
198Northern Ireland GMT0
199Northern Mariana Islands GMT+10
200Norway GMT+1
201Oman GMT+4
202Pacific Ocean GMT0
203Pakistan GMT+5
204Palau GMT+9
205Palestina GMT+2
206Palmyra Atoll GMT-11
207Panama GMT-5
208Papua New Guinea GMT+10
209Paracel Islands GMT+8
210Paraguay GMT-4
211Peru GMT-5
212Philippines GMT+8
213Pitcairn Islands GMT-8
214Poland GMT+1
215Portugal GMT+1
216Puerto Rico GMT-4
217Qatar GMT+3
218Reunion GMT+4
219Romania GMT+2
220Russia GMT+2
221Rwanda GMT+2
222Saint Helena GMT0
223Saint Kitts and Nevis GMT-4
224Saint Lucia GMT-4
225Saint Pierre and Miquelon GMT-3
226Saint Vincent and the Grenadines GMT-4
227Samoa GMT-11
228San Marino GMT+1
229Sao Tome and Principe GMT0
230Saudi Arabia GMT+3
231Senegal GMT0
232Serbia GMT+1
233Seychelles GMT+4
234Sicily GMT+1
235Sierra Leone GMT0
236Singapore GMT+8
237Slovakia GMT+1
238Slovenia GMT+1
239Solomon Islands GMT+11
240Somalia GMT+3
241Somaliland GMT+3
242South Africa GMT+2
243South America GMT0
244South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands GMT-2
245South Sudan GMT+2
246Southern Ocean GMT0
247Spain GMT+1
248Spratly Islands GMT+8
249Sri Lanka GMT+5.5
250Sudan GMT+2
251Suriname GMT-3
252Svalbard GMT+1
253Swaziland GMT+2
254Sweden GMT+1
255Switzerland GMT+1
256Syria GMT+2
257Taiwan GMT+8
258Tajikistan GMT+5
259Tanzania GMT+3
260Thailand GMT+7
261Tibet GMT+8
262Togo GMT0
263Tokelau GMT-12
264Tonga GMT+13
265Trinidad and Tobago GMT-4
266Tristan da Cunha Island GMT0
267Tromelin Island GMT+4
268Trust Territory of Pacific Islands GMT+11
269Tunisia GMT+1
270Turkey GMT+2
271Turkmenistan GMT+5
272Turks and Caicos Islands GMT-5
273Tuvalu GMT+12
274Uganda GMT+3
275Ukraine GMT+2
276United Arab Emirates GMT+4
277United Kingdom GMT0
278United States of America GMT-5
279Uruguay GMT-3
280Uzbekistan GMT+5
281Vanuatu GMT+11
282Vatican City GMT+1
283Venezuela GMT-4
284Vietnam GMT+7
285Virgin Islands GMT-4
286Virgin Islands (UK) GMT-4
287Wake Island GMT+12
288Wallis and Futuna GMT+12
289West Bank GMT+2
290Western Sahara GMT+1
291World GMT-5
292Yemen GMT+3
293Zambia GMT+2
294Zimbabwe GMT+2
295ZZZ Other GMT-5

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