Chinese Calendar and Writing Tools

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These tools are used for Chinese Calendar and Chinese Writing.


  1. Help: Chinese Tools ?
    Chinese Calendar and Writing Tools
  2. Chinese Horoscope 2013
    Your Chinese Horoscope 2013, analysis of the fortune Lines of 12 chinese signs on 2013.
  3. Buddha's Birthday
    When the Buddha is born, the Universe transforms.
  4. Recipes of the Chinese Cooking
    Some recipes of Chinese Cooking in the pocket of Dr WANG.
  5. Your Chinese Caps
    This is the caps of your life that are dipicted.
  6. Gregorian Chinese Calendar
    A Gregorian Calendar with annotation of Chinese Lunar Dates.
  7. Chinese Lunar Calendar
    A Chinese Lunar Calendar annotated with Gregorian Dates.
  8. Gregorian Solar Calendar
    A simple Gregorian Calendar.
  9. Conversion of Gregorian Calendar - Chinese Lunar Calendar
    Convert a Gregorian Date into Chinese Lunar Date.
  10. Conversion of Chinese Lunar Calendar - Gregorian Calendar
    Convert a date in Chinese Lunar Calendar into Gregorian Date.
  11. Big Months/Small Months in a Chinese Lunar Calendar
    There are Big Months and Small Months in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. There are in total 12 months or 13 months in a Chinese Year.
  12. Chinese Zodiac Signs
    Calculate the Chinese Sign of whaterever Gregorian Year.
  13. Age Chinois
    Calculer votre âge chinois selon votre signe chinois.
  14. Life Books - Your Chinese Animal
    Calculate your life book as well the Chinese Animal of your life.
  15. Love ♥2 Consultation
    Simply Trace a colourful line from you to join your spouse according to the compatibility of couples.
  16. Love ♥2
    Trace a colourful line from you to join your spouse according to the compatibility of couples.
  17. Life Book
    Reveals an angle of your life book, health, love, job, wealth.
  18. Chinese Zodiac Signs All
    List of all Chinese Signs at a simple glimps.
  19. Chinese Zodiac Signs of Wolrd Countries / Territories
    If one believes that a country/territory has a life, we have calculated their Chinese Sign of all Countries.
  20. National Days in the World
    National Days in the World.
  21. Chinese Feasts - Chinese Solar Term
    Calculate the Chinese Feasts based on the Chinese Solar Terms.
  22. Chinese Lunar Feasts
    Calculate the Chinese Feasts based on the Chinese Lunar Terms.
  23. Fengshui (Feng Shui)
    The simplified principle of Fenghui.
  24. Chinese Lucky Days of a year
    Calculate Lucky Days of a Gregorian Year.
  25. Translate Your Chinese Name
    It transcripts your latin first name, your name into Chinese Ideograms (Transliteration).
  26. Transliteration
    It transcripts the Latin, Arabic, Hebrew, Russain, Greek texts of places names, wine names into Chinese Ideograms (Transliteration).
  27. Chinese Furniture, Tibetan Furniture, Indonesian Furniture & Asia Furniture
    We recall history of Chinese Furniture in the Childhood.
    Here is what a Chinese is.
  29. Ganzhi (干支)
    Calculate the Gregorian Years of a Chinese Ganzhi Year, the Stem of the Sky and the Branch of the Earth.
  30. Year Ganzhi (干支)
    Calculate the Ganzhi of any Gregorian Year, the Stem of the Sky and the Branch of the Earth.
  31. China in 3x8
    China in divisions 3 Slices and 8 Regions.
  32. Historical Cutting
    Historical Administrative Cutting of the China.
  33. Chinese Zipcode
    Get Zipcode and Phone Prefix for a place in China.
  34. Counties of China
    Presentation of Counties of China.
  35. China
    Summary on the China.
  36. Partners in China, the Chinese, the World
    Present our Partners in China, the Chinese, the World.
  37. Partners by Subject
    Our Partners are classified by Subject, Subjects of their site.
  38. Presidents
    Successive Presidents of the People's Republic of China.
  39. Pantheon of the World
    Pantheon of the World - The Greatest Men in the Contemprary World
  40. Ordinary Chinese
    Histories of Ordinary Chinese, sometimes very constructive.
  41. First Names Feasts
    According to the Christian Tradition, each firstname, often the name of a Saint, has a birthday.
  42. Chinese Family Name: + 100 Chinese Family Names, Chinese Surnames
    The Chinese surnames are less numerous than the Chinese firstnames; Conversely, the Enghlish surnames are much more numerous than the firstnames ...
  43. Get your typical Chinese family name and first name just as a Chinese Native of China
    The Doctor China gives you a Chinese name, a name typically Chinese, for example, 胡锦涛, 席近平.

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