History of Chinese Antique Furniture: Every culture has its furniture

Cultural Context

China is a country with a long history and developed civilisation. The models, colours and craft of the carved ancient furniture have their specific oriental and Asian national style.

The Chinese Antique Furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties is made of selected excellent wood, which is based on both popular and imperial use, handed down from the previous dynasties Tang, Song, Yuan et Ming.

The medecine cabinets and tables make your life easier, while baskets and vases decorate pleasantly your inner rooms.

Chinese Antique Furniture

The Chinese antique furniture has two characteristics.

  1. The work is always excecuted with the greatest care. The structure is strict and tight; the line is smooth. The splendor and emitted light are realized by deep-carving and hollow carving, and by repeating varnishing: 7 times in all.
  2. The forms and varieties of models cannot be equalled by other country. There are more than 100 variations, such as a palace bed which was done by a thousand days of work, different kinds of dinner tables, desks, chairs, cupboards, screens, dressing-tables, barrels and benches. They are really precious arts and displays, which are greatly appreciated by foreign friends all over the world.

We find ourselves new unique pieces dayly from the population, or from museums in different parts of China. Our catalog will never be exhaustive and here we present only some samples of Chinese furniture just for reference when you select them.

There exist two major styles of traditionnal chinese furniture:

  • the lacquerware furniture with sculpture and painting of vivid and variable colors, it fullfills a pre-eminently decorative role, and
  • the traditional furniture that is much more sober, with a façade of almost unique color. It is frequently used by families in the ancient China.

We show you here a collection of the second category. This furniture has an appearance much more in harmony with european and american furniture, and are often cheaper but more pratical.

The Eurasia Chinese Antique Furniture - France assures with Chinese restauraters the restauration of chinese antique furniture, who exercise since 40 years in this artistic and artisanal work in China.

These antique/ancient furniture of style of dynasties of Ming and Qing (1368-1911 AC) are collected from great chinese familiies of the epoch, sometimes with certificat of origine. Exclusively in naturel wood and bamboo, their materials are as well diverse as their forms: elm, camphorwood, oak, teak, cypress, beech, maple, chestnut... . or other noble trees such as roosewood.

Near 400 models are distributed in 3 categories according to their functionality, in harmony with the 3 pieces in a traditional chinese house: bedroom, living room and kitchen.

  • Bedroom:
    Beds and clothes-presses are essential elements. Desks, bedside tables, chests of drawers as well as suitcases and trunks offer a lovable ambiance and a supplemental confort.
  • Living room:
    Tables, chairs, armchairs, sideboards, commodes,chests of drawers, medecine cabinets as well as bookcases are most suitable here. Other decorating objects such as vases and weaven baskets in bamboo will give a delightfull charm to your living room.
  • Kitchen:
    The kitchen can be either a separate piece or a surface integrated in the living room in the classical chinese style, but it has always its own fruniture. The cupboard and dining-room table naturally occupy a place of choice. Owning to it's good airing, a genuine fridge smelling a wood parfume, chinese people usually kept their food fresh. Now they can contributing to arranging your precieux crockery and dishes in porcelain.

You can find also tools of dayly life such as cake kneading-troughs, water buckets, pick-nick baskets, bowls, children baths, highchairs, moses baskets and other decoration objects...

As complement, we also provide other furnishing products of artisanal style in furniture, home decoration as well as Chinese Culture.

Please contact us for more information for pricing or to order if you either a professional or an individual customer. An online shop proposes a direct shopping with payment by check.

Que vous soyez particulier ou professionnel, vous êtes bienvenu à nous contacter pour les prix, les commandes ou d'autres informations. Une boutique en ligne propose l'achat direct avec paiement par chèque.

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