Your Chinese Horoscope 2013 - Fortune Paths of 12 Chinese Signs in 2013 - 2013年十二生肖运程

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Your Chinese Horoscope of 12 Chinese Signs 2013
鼠 Rat龙 Dragon猴 Monkey
牛 Ox蛇 Snake鸡 Rooster
虎 Tiger马 Horse狗 Dog
兔 Rabbit羊 Goat猪 Pig

In the Chinese calendar, the agricultural year 2013 begins on Sunday, February 10, please celebrate, pray to the Buddha with incense in the evening, ie, Saturday, Feb. 9, 2013.

We are entering the year GuiSi 癸巳年. La sky stem of the year is Water Gui 癸水, the Earth Branch is Fire Si 巳火. The Master of the year Tai Sui 太岁 Jupiter coincides with the chinese sign Snake 生肖蛇. The ancient Huangdi Calendar points on the year 4711.

Chinese astrology is based on the relative movement of the Sun, Planets And the moon. The complex calculation gives the Chinese horoscope, giving us the path of the fortune.

This year the following Chinese signs attack Jupiter:

  1. Snake 蛇 for his own vital year 本命年,   reaching an age of dozens, ie, 0, 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96, 108, 120 years old;
  2. Monkey 猴(破太岁) breaking the Jupiter;   more Monkey is in trouble with the Jupiter 猴(刑太岁, 为三 刑)   ie, in a triangular form with Jupiter, because of 3 years of shift with the Jupiter of the year;
  3. Pig 猪(冲太岁) that faces to Jupiter;
  4. Tiger 虎(害太岁), which attacks the Jupiter,   This is the second most perilous chinese sign of the year.

These signs come in a year of major ordeals in 2013, the natives must take particular precautions and protections.

So how to solve the contradiction with Taisui, ie, the Jupiter in 2013? For the relatively good sign, how to make the greatest fortune?

Rat 鼠 shǔ


This year, the largest fortune for the chinese sign rat is to gain rank in mandarin, "The mandarins of the year Gui Heavenly Stem resides in rats 癸禄在子 guǐ lù zài zǐ", or in the promotion in your career, Lu 禄 is the wake after the position in mandarin. Gan Lu is the first good Star mandarin, assisted this year with the heavenly stem, the force is greater. This is the perfect time to realize career ambitions for natives practicing the following occupations: civil servants, judicial officers, MPs, senators, administrators, managers of large companies.

The wealth fortune is walking on the right path, love and marriage are also beneficiaries of the strong assistant.

The overall movement of the fortune of the sign rat in 2013:

Career continues to gain momentum, it is the harvest of efforts done in the past years. The natives are getting real results as wage increases. Traders will see their benefit improve, savings grow strongly. It is said that the chance of a year is the spring 一年之计在于春, in the year of the Snake, you must grasp the the beginning and the first half of the year to determine the success, create your business, reap the riches and honor. In the end half of the year the fortune weakens.

For women of the rat sign, this year the life attacks Yuan Chen 元辰, you must at all costs prevent injury and illness, or arguments, quarrels.

However, all is not rosy this year as there are many evil stars. Last year thanks to the protection of the Dragon Master, the evil stars hiding, without appearance. This year rat loses goodwill of the Dragon, bad stars are activating. The most cruel are burglars, the god of death and the star of the disease.

According to the ancient book "16 ways the god of ordeals 劫煞十六般" for rat sign, the tordeal occurs in kidnapping of children, in the proper sense or figurative sense, for example your children do not obey or ordeal that you are seduced by an evil.

In respect with the wealth, despite the appointment with the positive star, it also has an encounter with the star of wealth cracker, the luck is not really good, it is difficult to accumulate wealth this year. Due to the reappearance of the star of the disease you must pay attention to your health and beware of the disease.

The ordeal in abducting children is a very bad star, and to avoid this and also health risks, you can hang a gourd of the palace of the god Guandi in your bedroom.

Ox 牛 niú


The sign Ox meets the year 2013 Snake, has an triple harmony of ease, you develop in happiness in career, in social position, and also wealth. With triple harmony of ease, your luck in love is not bad, for boys and unmarried girls, it takes advantage of the opportunity, accomplish a perfect marriage.

Your fortune is a great fortune with a bucket. The bucket is the source of life, the star of mandarin, the seed will grow quickly as you climb a mountain taking a straight path, the path of the door and you mandarinate are open. The Gold Harmony of Si-You-Chou 巳酉丑, ie, Snake-Rooster-Ox, Ox Chou is the cash of Jupiter. For you, manufacture is to produce, prosper is successful, book is harvested, it's very beneficial to collect a wealth of fortune. The Ox has the prosperity in both mandarin and Wealth, in addition to using the triplet of Jupiter, he gets along well with people and get outside help, it is easy to earn money and accumulate a fortune. It is advised to seize the opportunity to develop in this direction.

The stamp is positive, it is the Star of happiness, star of the parents. Search for jobs, for education, or ambition in your career, you will benefit from the protection of your superiors, of your elders, it facilitates graduation and work.

Despite the heavy stars of good fortune, there are bad mixed in stars, the most harmful is the blade of the goat. "The Meeting with Chou Gui - Ox is the blade, stem heavenly gives rise to evil, Goat Yang Yang in YinYang, Means cutting blade, the blade meets the fortune of the Goat, things are changing and risky.", you are easier to attract disasters and disease, the blade of the goat is also a knife in love and marriage.

This year it is essential to dissolve the blade of the goat, or the mandarins and wealth become difficult, the triple harmony would turn good in bad side.

The triple Bixiu or amber bracelet can dissolve the blade of the goat.

Tiger 虎 hǔ


In 2013 the tiger Hai TaiSui 害 harms the Jupiter and Xing Taisui 刑 太岁, ie, Triangulates the Jupiter, this is a double attack to Jupiter, the tiger is the second most dangerous of the year just after the snake that has its own vital year, the fortune of the year is mostly negative.

Injury reflects on disasters and happiness, love and marriage. Affect the Jupiter is hurting the fortune of love. In addition he meets Traditional "5 Great Weddings", This is very negative for marriage or conjugal couple.

"蛇遇猛虎如刀断,猪遇猿猴不到头;", ie "When the snake meets Tiger is like a sword cut; When Pig meets the monkey is not the end result;" "5 Great Weddings" reveal that when tiger sign encounter birth year of the snake love is cut like a sword, the risk is great to see separation, divorce, disputes. You have to take a lot dialogue, tolerance, calm down.

Xing mean Prison Penalty, you may encounter trial of any kind, you suffer calumnies of the wicked.

The greatest chance of the tiger this year is the meeting with the noble sage on the gold car 金舆, "Car of Gui comes to Tiger, the heavenly stem makes birth of happiness." The Ministry of purple empty 紫虚局 said: "The Gold car in front of Mandarin, when we encounter this kind of person, we'll get the more special good fortune. Please accompany the master wisely for wealth, life will be easier without worry." As the gold car is the means of transport of the emperor, nobles.

This good fortune is good to get into the mandarins and the nobility, called wealth and happiness. This brings a light gap in the life of the Tiger fortune apparently thin.

But Extreme Xing 太刑 can hurt the noble in the gold car, destroying the effect of the star of good fortune.

Tiger this year has obligation to dissolve the aggression to Jupiter, You must go to the temple with a silk fabric bag of Guandi, open the bag and incantations to disappear disaster.

Rabbit 兔 tù


The year 2013 bodes quite good a movement of fortune for the rabbit, after days of very difficult year in 2012 with Jupiter aggression.

The rabbit meets twice Tianyi 天乙 God, indeed he meets "Tianyi God" as well "Tianyi Horse", It's a Great Luck and a Good Fortune.

The god Tianyi away all the bad stars, rabbit enters the row of Taiyi, promoting the rise in mandarin degree.

For the Pig - Rabbit - Goat horse messenger is in the year of the Terrestrial Branch Si, the messenger horse belongs to the Tianyi horses, the movement has good news.

The rabbit has great fortune this year, apart from the god Tianyi and Horse Tianyi, you also meet the god of literature, promoting education and advancement in your careers.

More, "壬癸蛇兔藏", the Treasury in the years of earthly branches Ren and Gui is for the snake and rabbit. Tianyi and Taiyi in the same rank, down to the 三辰, ie, the triplet Sun - Moon - Stars, House after Snake and Ox, Taking a ruler to measure the jade sky and living beings, evil spirits away when they arrive." teaches us that the rabbit is moving the horse imperial messenger, Tianyi horses belonging to the 12 Earthly Branches, auguring good fortune.

Your are of the rabbit sign, you should learn to adapt to new environments, ie, you change in your career, in your business, it depends on you whether these changes will be positive, it depends on your ability to learn, and also courage when you treat your business. /p>

The rabbit meets death officer, condoleants, you must absolutely avoid lawsuits, before processing a document, signing a contract, you must analyze and assess the consequences previously.

Tianyi is the top of the noble guests, the Achilles heel is Xing 刑 injury, ie the trial. An injured Tianyi would not be able to deploy his blessing.

The peach wood in the temple of Guandi can dissolve bad fate. We know for a long time that the fish avoids spells.

Dictionary 《辞源 Ciyuan》 quotes: in ancient times, people carved the peach wood statues to pout upright to hunt curse. In the Han dynasty, stamps was carved to hang in the house, called peach stamp. At the end of the Rear Han dynasty 后汉书仪志中, "In summer, ten miles Plants are growing, 夏至 day, the evil Ying spirit fills the Universe, lest things are mitigated". Peach stamps are engraved in a length of 6 cun, 3 cun square, written in 5 colors, applied on the doors. In the Song Dynasty, people carved the gods Tu 神荼, Yu 郁垒, or just writing their names on the two doors, called peach incantation 桃符, or god of the door 门神, "...... One hundred spirits fear that".

Through this, we can see that the peach wood can get away evil spells. But only the peach wood of FeiCheng 肥城 is effective real wood to capture evil spirits.

Dragon 龙 lóng


This year, the good fortune of the dragon comes from the Star of heavenly joy and fortune of the just stamp, beneficial for mandarin. The stamp means power in your hands, you must absolutely rise in rank, you have to strive to progress.

Notice that with the appearance of heavenly joy, there will be celebrations of joy in home, good things of surprise.

"Monkey, Rat and Dragon have ordeals in the years of the earthly branch Si, 申子辰劫在巳", this year dragon meets the star of the ordeal, bad for wealth, we must protect youself.

The bad atmosphere in the human relationship, the wicked arise to give bad ideas, a good thing can be destroyed. In the feeling there is the moment of solitude, there are frictions in love, you would be emotionally lonely.

To dissolve bad luck, you must wear a shiny black stone, curses move away from your path fortune.

Snake 蛇 shé


The snake is its own vital year 本命年, the Jupiter of the year, it's the man of the year. It is dangerous in his own vital year, love, marriage, feeling, fortune of wealth, happiness and disaster, there are always wicked disturb the situation.

We can not talk about of good fortune for his own life years. But "The sky is not the way to finish people 天无绝人之路". The snake meets the noble Tianyi, "Bing Ding belong to the pig and the rooster, Ren Gui are treasures of the snake and rabbit. 丙丁猪鸡位、壬癸蛇兔藏。"。

During the Gui water, the snake becomes the noble Tianyi, during the year 2013, there are only rabbit and snake who meet the noble Tianyi, unprecedented fortunate to someone in his own vital year. The noble Tianyi is the chief god of auspicious all bad minds far away. At the same time, the snake has a average fortune in the feeling, there will be no vak in feeling even during his own life years. this can be seen as a good omen.

The snake enters its own vital year, Jupiter is in place, it is the most dangerous sign. "30 years the river flows from east to west, 30 west of the river east", a meeting every 12 years, this event is surely perilous.

Take a defensive position. In business you do not seek success, but avoid faults, you would continually have bad surprise disaster, wealth lost, the chance of accumulation is thin.

More on the back there are wicked, under the encouragement of Jupiter, who fear nothing, they disrupt your situation. Do things has zigzags. It is not possible to be optimistic in the path of fortune this year, with each step you should beware, protect yourself carefully.

To dissolve bad luck, you should wear the shiny black stone, this will repel evil and the bad spells.

The five elements unite Heaven and Earth, Yin and Yang determine the universe 五行通天地, 阴阳定乾坤, with shiny black stone, the symbol of the five elements and Yin Yang on the body, positive energy will flow continuously and with Genki endogenous, various ghosts do not attack.

Horse 马 mǎ


This year, the horse has no an ideal way of fortune, at the same time he meet the god of death and the spirit of ordeal, forming a "real death disaster 真亡劫", situated at the head disasters.

This would cause many trials, health problems.

But the horse has a fortune of flourishing wealth, in Horse Wu there is the land of the Heavenly Stem Ji, the land of the Heavenly Stem Ji tames the Gui water, providing a position of wealth and prosperity. "land Ji 己土" means "land of gardens 田园之土" that dries just Gui water, this coincidence gives a huge chance to the horse native to enrich themselves. This is time to expand your business, open new activities, prepare an abundant harvest.

Note that the horse meets also the chance of peach blossom 桃花运, despite the failure of the power of peach blossom, but it suffices strengthen your relationships.

To combine the curse, you can wear the rosewood statue of Guan Gong.

Apart from its ability to dissipate disease, ward off evil spirits, punish treason, monitor the death court, a portrait of Guan Gong can also control the life and happiness, protect traders, bring the treasure. By his loyalty as rosewood, by perfume overwhelms the human heart, strengthening kidney function and liver can stabilize the human body and the vibration stroke. Soothing and sentimental mood, soothe your mind, beneficial to sleep.

Goat 羊 yáng


The goat this year has double prosperity, both in mandarin and the Material Wealth.

Pig, Rabbit and Goat has the horse imperial messenger during the years of the Branch Si, Wei Goat belongs to the Wood treasure, born of the long river with Jupiter, plus an encounter with imperial messenger horse with adaptability, the Goat can make a fortune with its own initiatives, the money comes into floc. If you dream of independence in work, it is ideal time to start the business plan.

As for the mandarin, you get the aid of the noble people, you have the option of being accompanied and promoted make efforts, you will have a bountiful harvest, it is great wealth side of the stamp. If you still mobilize your relationships Your promotion will be even faster.

In human relations, under the noble star, there will be no disruption of disbelievers, you get aids and support around you or far. More people who gather wood, more flame of fire is high, make effort to maintain this excellent relationship favorable to the promotion of your duties, and also of your wealth.

On the other side, many bad stars trying to attack you, among them the combination of the Devil of the Earth and the god of death is particularly harmful. The appearance of the devil of Earth gave birth to the trial penalties and fines, the problem of health and disease.

Because of the disruption of the Death Star, your family is seriously concerned about health, and you should pay special attention to your form.

To combine the curse, you can put a vase. The vase is pronounced Hua Ping, synonymous to the word peace 平 Ping, as with the vase at home or in your work, you get peace.

But be careful not to place the vase where would be the peach blossom, otherwise you may attract the peach flower.

In the Guandi temple, coins forged during five emperors signify prosperity. These five emperors are those of the Qing Dynasty: 顺治 Shunzhi, Kangxi 康熙, Yongzheng 雍正, Qianlong 乾隆 and Jiaqing嘉庆. Suspend the coins of five emperors in the lounge, or take them on your way home benefit asset wealth.

Monkey 猴 hóu


The Good Luck of the monkey in this year is in the mandarins, longevity, and love.

Monkey meets noble Tiande 天 德 - Morality of Heaven. Once Tiande appears, if you get a promotion, the latter will be relatively high. In addition with this noble Tiande, it will dissolve the ghosts of this year that tries to haunt you.

In the life fortune, you meet the star of happiness, in the light of the star of happiness, you will not have to worry disturbance evil. Still, because of Xing, its influence is weakened, but you can keep your long life anyway.

The bright red lust star 红艳星 is the star of love. It should especially fit singles, regardless of whether you be boy or girl, you fall in love easily, and more you easily fall under the spell of a friend of the opposite sex suit you for life.

The curse of monkey comes Xing of the year 岁刑, or punishment of the year, and the ghost of ordeal 劫煞. The penalty is the punishment of the year by Jupiter, plus it comes from six sides, it is very difficult to dissolve.

As for the phantom of ordeal 劫煞, the Disaster od Monkey, Rat, Dragon are in the year of Si 申子辰劫在巳. Shen Monkey is the land of the living, this ordeal would take place in material wealth, and probably in lust.

Fortune of wealth Lucky is low. On the side of feeling, the encounter with feminine beauty is not beneficial at all for married. It is easy to have relationships outside marital, destroying love and marriage.

With the bright red lust star 红艳星, singles are more lucky, the encounter with the opposite sex will be successful.

To combine the bad luck, the monkey can use the crystal tools, on himself or hiding them deeply, they have the effect of bringing wealth.

The crystal in the temple of GuandDi also has the effect of improving the functioning of the stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys, spleen and pancreas, for those who work in the late night, for those who dream of wealth. It also enhances love.

Since ancient times, jade is the most popular, it symbolizes happiness and prosperity.

Jade worn on your body will get away disasters, turn bad luck into good omen, hunting disease, and prolong life. Give or wear jewelry jade omen loyalty to his love.

Rooster 鸡 jī

Chinese Zodiac Sign
Chinese Birth Years



The rooster has the triple harmony of Jupiter, with the help of Jupiter, it appears the star of the General, beneficial to work and promotion of both the governmental and entrepreneurial functions.

The star of the General is someone of power, the rooster is the sign most helped by Jupiter, the alignment of the Snake Rooster Ox 巳酉丑 results in a situation of gold, The gold Rooster enjoys the prosperity of the Emperor, the strongest forces, meaning that you will be helped by your supervisor. Small disbelievers will not dare come forward seeing Jupiter your support.

This year your love fortune is flat, it will be no wave, it is the perfect time to have children, this is a great auspicious.

Your wealth luck improves, sometimes you have extra income, but you need to save, avoid spending unreasonable.

Human relationship is good, traders can associate with others to facilitate your success. With the sign rooster, 2013 will be a year of great achievement.

This year's bad fortune comes to the rooster from the great fortune of Qisha 七煞大运, and loss of wealth of the white tiger. The Qisha is the fire Si that blocks the gold of the rooster. The of Gold of the rooster is constrained by the Bing fire of Jupiter, forming the great fortune the Qisha, as if you offended the underworld, which destroys your wealth secretly. It is very difficult to protect. This is not the Jupiter who assaults, but the heavenly stem hidden in Jupiter which attacks the gold of the rooster.

The white tiger that breaks fortune, which is very negative wealth.

To combine this spell you should invite Guan Gong to collect the wealth for you, Guan Gong can remove the disbelievers, a remedy against the white tiger, destroyer of your wealth.

Dog 狗 gǒu


Dog meets the sign of great fortune stamp in Face very beneficial for mandarin and human relations. The stamp in face say that we have our parents as stamp, as if our parents watch over us throughout the year.

In mandarin, it is the position and the stamp, with the thick happiness it is easy for you to govern, you have much chance of being promoted. The happiness fortune meats the joy, there will certainly celebrations of joy such as marriage, birth, promotion, opening of business, moving in beautiful houses, changing to a better job, etc..

It should be noted that thanks to the good human relationship, you have chance of the opposite sex very full, beneficial to search for a spouse for singles. You will have a rich emotional life and in full color.

The dog sign after the attack at Jupiter of the year 2012, you enter in a stable situation, you will have a fountain of ideas in writing, it is beneficial to study and write. With an effort, you will succeed examinations, promotion at work, artistic creation, design. You build your reputation.

For business women/men, you have more chances of business in culture, education, media and advertising.

Attention to the dog, if you lose money, you would attract troubles. It is essential to keep your capital. Wealth is the fountain of life, the growth of the capital will expand your mandarin. Between the treasury and social position, the treasure is your source for your success. 马善被人骑, 人穷被人欺, ie, when the horse is nice, it will be mounted by the people, when a person is poor, he will be humiliated by others. The loss of money engendered unpredictable disaster situations.

In the ancient book 《Five Little Weddings 小五婚》, it is said "Xu Dog is wrong to go yo Si, the meeting of the Ox and Goat is tearful 戌狗不到巳上去, 牛羊相逢泪淋淋". When the dog enters the snake year, the feeling is exhausted, the risk is the separation and divorce. You should contact a lot with your spouse, do not walk away.

To combine the lot, you must bring with you triple concord Bixiu 三合貔貅组合. Harmony symbolizes the triple attraction of the five elements of the universe, namely Water, Wood, Metal, Fire and Earth, thus reinforcing the passion and love.

Pig 猪 zhū


This year the pig attacking the opposite Jupiter, is the fourth most dangerous signs, just after the snake which is on its own vital year, tiger and monkey.

The Chong 冲 chōng, or contradiction among 12 warriors, means bad star, harmful to happiness and longevity.

In addition, he meets the great waste 大耗. The grand wastage here means being back to back without grant. If there is the meeting, il would be like a tree in the wind, falters, there is no peace or stability, even if there is no worries interior, exterior worries he will.

You have a good fortune in feeling. There is the appearance of heavenly joy, there will be joy in the celebration of the year. The unbeliever is not released with heavenly joy, you have a good fortune on mandarins, beneficial for promotion in your social functions.

Since the pig meets heavenly joy, the appearance of heavenly joy necessarily implies a joy like so: marriage, birth, moving into a new home, opening business, promotion in career. It is also beneficial to the conjugal love.

To combine the curse and bring out your good fortune, should put a mirror Pakua. The Guandi temple has a Pakua mirror, The Pakua mirror is always considered lucky in China.


  • Fortune Paths of the 12 Chinese signs - 2013年十二生肖运程: A dynamic path for each sign in the Chinese year of luck.
  • 12 chinese signs 十二生肖: 鼠牛虎兔龙蛇马羊猴鸡狗猪 shǔ niú hǔ tù lóng shé mǎ yáng hóu jī gǒu zhū, Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.
  • Taisui 太岁 tài suì: the master of the year, title of the planet Jupiter 木星, which orbits the Sun every 12 years, and in accordance with the 12 signs   in the Chinese zodiac.
  • Mandarin 官运: career in the imperial government. Today duties or responsibilities in any sort of professional careers.
  • GuanDi 关帝 guān dì: also known as Guan Gong, the god of loyalty.    General during the Three Kingdoms Dynasty Warrior in 220-280 AC., His real name is    GUAN Yu 关羽 guān yǔ. With absolute loyalty, he was the strongest and most gifted    at his time, he attended the Emperor succeed in the unification of China.    It is awarded the title 帝 dì, or god, buddha by successive Emperors,    revered by the Chinese people in thousands of temples specially dedicated    just called Guanyu temples 关羽庙.    He is both the protector and example for the Chinese for thousands of years.
  • 与太岁 刑、冲、克、害、并都叫犯太岁。
  • 什么叫做犯太岁?犯者,干犯也,具体表现有刑、冲、克、破、害、并等;
  • 并即是一个人的本命生肖与流年太岁相同;
  • 冲即是指“六冲”,即子午冲、丑未冲、寅申冲、卯酉冲、辰戌冲、巳亥冲;以辛巳蛇年为例,巳与亥为相冲,因此肖猪的人在辛巳蛇年,便是六冲,犯了太岁;凡是遇到冲太岁的生肖,都要到庙里拜太岁,才会诸事顺吉;
  • 什么叫做刑太岁?刑太岁,又称“偏冲”,自己的出生年如与流年所属生肖相差3年,便是刑克,即与流年太岁“偏冲”。古语有云:太岁当头坐,无喜恐有祸。例如蛇年,肖蛇为太岁,肖猪为冲太岁,而肖猴和兔为“偏冲”太岁。
  • 什么叫克太岁?克即克制,如子克巳,寅克辰等,属鼠的人遇到蛇年即为克太岁;
  • 什么叫破太岁?破即破坏,如子破酉,酉破午等,属鼠的人遇到鸡年即为破太岁;
  • 什么叫害太岁?穿即穿害,如子害未,丑害午等,属鼠的人遇到羊年即为害太岁。
  • 刑太岁就是与犯太岁相差三年的人.

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