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Cycle of Rice

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Updated: Monday, November 24, 2014 00:09:11
Posted by Dr WANG, 王先生

Rice is the basic food of the Chinese. Although the Chinese find evidence that rice is originating in this country, other countries of minor Asia claim also the primacy. In all the cases China is the first producing one of this universally appreciated cereal: pour Asian it is the base of all the food, for the Africans, it is an alternative food source, for Europeans and the Americans, it is a vegetable to be cooked with the meat - thing which is not done in China. Rice is consumed in China like bread, therefore in its form of origin: white and pure.

Contrary to the generally accepted idea, there is only half of China - the part of the South of China, i.e. at the Southern side of the river Yangzi (Yantze, Yangzi Jiang). The North of China does not produce rice because of the climate much less mild. In this septentrional part, one cultivates the corn, the sorghum, the corn. For the Chinese originating in the South in China and who grew at the side of the rice plantations, in < b>campagne of fish and riz, they always knew that it was a great privilege to have rice compared to people of North who have only "hard" food.

The rice plantations must be constantly flooded for the development of rice. Pluviometry must reach more than 1 000 mm/an to maintain the water level constant under the sun of subtropical summer.

The Chinese work from generation to generation in a practically immutable way. Here photographs of the scenes of life taken recently in China.

 Good turn with the Chinese rice plantations...

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4. asiahome asiahome - 2014-09-12 11:30:05
If we had no enough rice until the next harvest next year, we would eat sweet potatoes (番茹) that will be harvested in 2 months.
3. asiahome asiahome - 2014-09-12 11:29:45
Each person carries two baskets (箩筐) filled with rice grains with a bamboo (冲杠), and walks some kilometers to the drying place (晒场) with a load of about 75kg, and pours out the rice to be dried on the floor. You recall me a single flooding summer of harvest in my childhood (16 years), we had no possibility to dry under the sun. Rice germinates… the harvest is lost at its great part… We should survive with rice grains of past years if we had.
2. asiahome asiahome - 2014-09-12 11:28:49
Thank you for your visit. One cuts plants of rice near the root with a sickle; the plants have a height of about 50cm. We hold the plant with 2 hands, and put the end with grains on a rolling drum (打稻机). The rolling machine with metal teeth snatches the grains in a container (稻桶). The straw stripped of rice grains is attached in bundles for working ox and buffalos.
1. jkrpan - 2014-09-12 01:17:11
How does the harvesting process work? Specifically, how does the rice dry? Is it left out in the sun. If so, does that sometimes not work well if the weather does not cooperate? Is product lost or the process not efficient because of this?
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