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Strong Men of China

On continental China, he is called XI Jinping. Elected officially on November 15, 2012 with the 18th congress the boss of the Chinese Communist Party. As usual for 75 years, it has been the Party which decides the President of the Popular Republic, Mr. XI Jinping will take the place of the President of the People's Republic of China (PRC) at the congress of the deputies at Beijing. To date Mr. XI Jinping thus took to 95% percent the power of Mr. HU Jintao, the actual president of the Republic.

And at the province of the Island of Taiwan, after the politic of disinvolvement with the continental China of the ex-President CHEN Shuibian, MA Yingjiu, the new President of the Republic of China carries a politic of approachment with the continental China.

Five thousand years passed since the first Chinese writing. China lived under 24 dynasties and about 400 emperors, imperatrices and kings, queens. They had the wisdom of Confucius, the force of the dynasty of Tang, the last two centuries chaos.

In the broad sense there are simultaneously two modern dynasties still at our time issued of the Chinese population: continental China (People's Republic of China) in communist mode which competes with Taiwan - China nationalist (Republic of China). The former for capital Peking (Beijing), and second Taipei (Taibei).

The President of the continent, i.e. the future President of the People's Republic of China, Mr. XI Jinping, resulting from the Communist Party, represents the moderate and pragmatic current, he continues the policy of the market economy for the economic development of China, inaugurated and followed since 45 years by Mr. DENG Xiaoping, HU Yaobang, ZHAO Ziyang, JIANG Zemin and HU Jintao.

While the President of Taiwan, Republic of China, Mr. CHEN Shuibian which carried out the Party Democracy and Progress by beating the Guomindang party (Country and People Party, literally), on power since 1949 in Taiwan, preaches for the independence of the Island. Does he always talk much in the absolute void, but not realize any real contribution to his people, juste as his predecessor M. LI Denghui did ?

We conclude with the victory of Mr. MA YIngjiu, the new President of the Isle of Taiwan will carry a more realistic politic with the continent.

According to statistical studies, the Chinese have been mainly for a reunification of the two entities separated since 1949, i.e. 75 years.

Thanks successively to Presidents JIANG Kai-Shek (Jiang Jieshi) and JIANG Jingguo (his son), originating in the Province of Zhejiang on the Pacific coast in continental China, Taiwan created an economic miracle allowing it to be among the 4 small Asian dragons, the population of Taiwan profits from a life of already high level.

With the time and the separation on the two sides, the Tawanese want neither a unificatuion, nor an independency. To cure the disaster of M. CHEN Shuibian's bad management during 8 years in Taiwan, the new President requires a closer economic cooperation with the continent.

Poverty endured in continental China and the continental people suffered from a very painful living condition economically during the time of President MAO Zedong. Mr. DENG Xiaoping opened China towards outside in the years 1980s, industries and the services develop in a miraculous way since then.

By 2007, China is the 4th (fourth) world economic power in Gross domestic product total (GDP), just after the United States, Japan, Germany, but ahead England, France and Italy. But China remains a very poor country if one takes into account the total population. China has still much way to traverse before reaching an average standard of living as in Taiwan. The Chinese will continue to provide cheap products still for the decades.

By 2011, China is the 2nd (second) world economic just after the USA. The chairman MAO has dreamed this, DENG Xiaoping a realized it. China is today the big dragon of the world's economy. Should she take her natural place by her population size?

Today, in spite of the still sudden problems and immense misfortunes suffered by the Chinese people in continent and the country, the life improves in China thanks to open emperors currently in place with exceptional wisdom and intelligence...

To have an official point of view of the Chinese government and Chinese Communist Party, please visit the People's Net (

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they have a long and rich history.
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I appreciate Chinese history like no other.
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wow. 400 is a lot of emperors.
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