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The Proud One

Chinese Dress green short

Very short Chinese Dress whose green shining gives glare to hair and underlines the beautiful size of the brunette.


long pink Chinese Dress

Robes superimposed light, fresh, truely a harmony.

-The one in gibe machine-made color fushia, a pink symbol of the fidelity fixed at the center of the encolure.

-The other over in white muslin, an adorable caftan painted with hands.

The Butterflies

Chinese Dress Butterflies

Superb extensible silk dress decorated with innumerable artistically painted butterflies.

Rain Drops

Asian clothing:  Chinese dress the water drop

Very beautiful Chinese velvet dress silk chestnut embroidered with the hand of tiny pearls, a drop of central water raises the elegance of the dress.

The Tonkinese

Clothing of Asia:  Chinese dress the Tonkinese

Nice and wise traditional behaviour Vietnamese, whose tunic split until the embroidered size of tulips is "protégée decency" by long trousers triangle.

Tandem 1

Chinese Dresses:  model tandem 1

Chinese velvet Dress highly split towards the legs admirably carried by a pretty brown Frenchwoman while the behaviour Vietnamese out of white painted black velvet silk applied of dragon is carried by a superb blonde.

Tandem 2

Chinese Dresses:  model tandem 2

Splendid evening gown ending in a great drag with at its side a simple dress of any extensible crepe elegance with naked back.


Create your own chinese robe

Creation of Chinese robes and Vietnameses robes by a dressmaker of origin Vietnamese in Montpellier, sur measurement according to your size and fabrics of your choix.

With its Chinese dresses designed out of silk, satin or any other matter, it will moreover highlight your beauty with an Asian charm, thanks to its 40 years of experiment in creation - clothes industry of dresses of style and Asian mode.

There are other chinese robes ready-to-wear: see more Cheap Chinese Robes...

The clothes confection of your Chinese dress to measure will take a one month deadline. The delivery will take one week only if you choose an existing model among the standard sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Choose your model of dress, we will find you the adequate form for you, who you are European, African, Asian or of any other origin.

There are other chinese robes ready-to-wear: see more Cheap Chinese Robes...


Female size: bust measurement, waist measurement
    and hip measurement.

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3. youu - 2018-12-10 14:58:47
The breakup was mutual. He ended up coming out of the closet shortly afterwards.
2. Nat - 2011-01-10 16:17:50
Enfin j'ai eu ma robe chinoise par mon fiancé! En revanche j'ai du retourner pour faire un échange sans aucune difficulté: en effet la taille chinoise nominale est plus petite d'une taille par rapport à la mesure française, oui juste une taille de différence. Je conseille mes copines du net de commander une taille au-dessus de votre taille habituelle chez le commerçant asiatique: commandez L au lieu de M par exemple. Ciao!
1. Marie - 2010-10-06 22:12:28
Je me suis rendue au magasin, et acheté une robe chinoise. Elles sont vraiment belles. Merci aussi pour le service.
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