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This surface of 9 600 000 km2 nourishes the fifth of humanity. With a population exceeding already 1 300 000 000 hearts, please see the distribution of the population by provinces, the priority of the government is to limit that one to 1 400 000 000 inhabitants about the year 2020 after Jesus Christ.

Why the Chinese are so numerous?

In the years 1960 when China counted "only" 600 million inhabitants, President MAO Zedong had a policy natalist with the strict sense of the term. He prepared the country for a 3rd World War. Red China did not have frightening weapons at that time, the best way of gaining the war was by the strategy of the number - the human balls or the human shields are frightening. Do you remember the war of Korea in 1950s? The Chinese carried out a null match with only " the semolinas + simple rifle " vis-a-vis the very sophisticated American guns and planes. In the years 1980, when M. DENG Xiaoping (small peace) took the reign and realized that the war would not be immediate, the population had already doubled.

Finally you do not worry, the fruitfulness of Chinese is not physically better than anyone. The Chinese were always numerous in the history. Already in the dynasty of Han (of year 206 before up to 220 after Jesus Christ), China had towns of a half million inhabitants. And on more the surface is equivalent to that of any Western Europe. With the opinion of the author - there is no overpopulation in this country.

Moreover, the historical reason counts. The country of rice and the baquettes - a pair of sticks in bamboo or wooden - is an good example in the medical point of view in food. Since 2 thousand year the Chinese do not catch any more food by the hands which cause often disease, but with the baquettes. Compared to France that was a Western country more refined, the forks were adopted only about the years 1670, and Louis XIV (14) still refused to employ it by the inconvenience? The Chinese of antan went well, thus supporting the growth of the population.

In addition, the Chinese had not suffered from predatory like Indians in America. The predatory Anglo-Saxons practically decimated the indigenous population.

Is they useful?

Finally the Chinese are not yet large-scale consumers for lack of means. But they are already average consumers of the large Western firms and Japanese women used products such Danone, Auchan, Siemens, Citroen, Mitsubishi... The standard of living increases very quickly with the productivity, and the tradition remains - fortunately.

Moreover, Lady and Gentelman, on you, you have already something of Chinese ? If it is not on your appearance, it will be on your clothing, your socks, your sweater... As a fact, the Chinese supply you the cheapest consumption products around the World!

Is they dangerous - a threat tomorrow?

The Chinese people do not have at all the concept of superiority of the races or the ethnos groups. Moreover China became an empire in its history by integrating the populations of 56 national minorities on this continent. The emperors came from Mongolian, of Manchou in addtion to the Han majority. The Chinese culture is largely integrating Asian and eurasiatic population. You do not see that the Chinese integrate even better than the Westerners - often inventive of the modern gadgets: Internet, mobile telephone, refrigerators, television set... And practically as well the democracy - isn't Taiwan (Republic of China) exemplary in the process of democratization? This may also take place on the Continent...

The Chinese are Buddhist, Moslem, Christian...

To know more about the Chinse People:

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Thank you very much for this information. I love China and can't wait to see it grow in culture. I believe a Chinese Renaissance is coming!
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