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Chinese names, Origins and meanings of Chinese names

In China, the surnames have had an invariable hereditary origin for more than 5 thousand years according to the father, on the other hand a Chinese child has several years to choose his first name. With the birth, the parents freely choose a temporary first name, often made up of two ideograms. It has a precise sense: it often expresses a parental wish, or a good thing, a good morality, heroism, etc.

In the countryside, although the pronunciation of the first name was quite used, almost fixed in the life of a young child, the final writing, therefore the ideograms constituting the official first name, is only fixed by the pupil himself at the age of the schooling (around 6 years).

In every human-being it hides a Chinese. That you are born in China or not, you still have much time to choose yourself your Chinese first name. While waiting, please satisfy yourself with a phonetic translation of your Latin first name: your first name is transcribed in Chinese ideograms according to the pronunciation. Each Chinese ideogram represents a syllable, therefore a sound.

The meaning of your Chinese first name may be: The Swallow, The Pine, The Flying Bird, The Small Dragon, The Fresh Flower... Why not ask your Chinese friend at your surroundings ? he is sure very happy to explain to you, analyze it for you, ...


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Love how my name is translated.
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Gregorian Solar Calendar does not work in the whole world expect a few ones. You can download Gregorian Solar Calendar any time if you are living in that area where people follow it and all work done according to this calendar.
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not one.
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nice one.
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