Automatic Installation of the language Simplified Chinese GB2312 (Guo Biao)

Created: Saturday, July 19, 2003 10:50:58
Updated: Friday, February 08, 2013 12:55:45

If you read the following Chinese text, this indicates that the Simplified Chinese GB2312 (Guo Biao) code has been correctly installed in your computer.



-> Big5

Have fun: choose Text or Image Chinese Writing Have fun: choose Text or Image Chinese Writing :
  • To restore the text version requiring the Chinese Font, that is much more quicker, click here.
  • You have no obligation to install a Chinese Font. Click here to continue without using the Chinese Font, the Chinese text will be shown as image. In this case, your consultation will be relatively slow, since an image is dynamically generated for each Chinese Name consulted.

Manual Installation by Copy/Paste of the Chinese Font

It's the easiest et most rustic way. You need to knwon the notion of Directory and File.

  1. Provide you with the Microsoft Unicode font file ARIALUNI.TTF, the file contains the Chinese Writing. It's now automatically installed by default in the Windows Fonts Directory with Windows XP.
  2. Copy the file into the Windows Fonts Directory %SystemRoot%\Fonts in your computer, here the environment variable %SystemRoot% = C:\Windows on Windows 95, 98, Millenium, Windows XP. %SystemRoot% = C:\WinNT on Windows NT, 2000. That is to say either in C:\Windows\Fonts or C:\WinNT\Fonts.
  3. Windows starts an automatic installation of the font Unicode Arial MS (TrueType).
  4. Now the Chinese is readable in the navigator, Word Processing software such as Microsoft Office...

Manual installation of the Chinese Font

If the Chinese text is still not shown, then no Chinese font has yet been installed in your computer, but a Chinese Font correctly installed is necessary to see this page.

Normally, when you access this page of coding Simplified Chinese GB2312 (Guo Biao) of the Chinese language via Internet Explore version 5.0 or more, Windows 2000 or Windows XP will automatically launch the installation of the package of the Chinese language. If that did not go, please try:

Method 1: utilsez the Windows Control Panel.

  1. You provide with the CD-Rom of installation of Windows 2000/XP or another recent version of Windows, and insert it in the reader.
  2. Open "My Computer" of the Desktop/Control panel/Regional Options.
  3. In the list "Parameters of language for the system", notch the box "Simplified Chinese GB2312 (Guo Biao)" (used in Continental China and Singapor).
  4. Click OK.
  5. Follow the instructions...

Method 2: use Internet Explorer Only.

  1. You provide with the CD-Rom of installation of Windows 2000/XP or another recent version of Windows, and insert it in the reader.
  2. Open Internet Explorer.
  3. Activate the Menu Show/Coding/More, select "Simplified Chinese GB2312 (Guo Biao)".
  4. The automatic installation of the corresponding language will be launched if that were not already done...
  5. Follow the instructions...

Navigators other than Internet Explorer.

For old versions of Netscape 5.0 or less, you must then place the preference of font after the installation of the Chinese Font to employ it.

If you want to still write in Chinese, one needs Microsoft Office XP version 2002 or better, and to install package IME (Input Method Editor) of Microsoft.

Vim, Putty, SSH and MySQL in UTF-8 and Chinese Ideograms Display


  1. UTF-8 and Unicode FAQ of Markus Kuhn for Unix/Linux
    a comprehensive one-stop information resource on how you can use Unicode/UTF-8 on POSIX systems (Linux, Unix).

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