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Here is your Chinese Zodiac Sign

You are not both maritally compatible. But the life does not exclude a very strong Amourous relation.
Wednesday, April 3, 1968

Earth Monkey

Earth Monkey
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Sunday, January 25, 1976

Wood Rabbit

Wood Rabbit

Fire Dragon

Fire Dragon
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***Please notify that your Chinese Zodiac Sign is not the same as that of the CHINESE Lunar year 1976, since at your birthday, it was yet on 1975 on the Chinese Lunar Calendar! Your zodiac zign is so that of the previous year 1975.


Life Book

Your Chinese SignYour Life Book
List of All AnimalsList of All Animals


NatureNoble appearance, Finesse Thought. Superior intelligence, you always lead the game in life.
LoveSoft and romantic, Understanding other
FortuneRich and poor then, by Wealth Economy
JobContractor, Architect
MatrimonyGoat, Pig, Dog


NatureYoung and capable, but shortsighted. Agile and loved by all.
LoveFaithful in love, lack of romance
FortunePossible wealth, success in all areas
JobArts Factory, Trade
MatrimonyRat, Dragon
Amusing: Calculate the Compatibility of a Country/Territory Amusing: Calculate the Compatibility of a Country/Territory
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List of the Chinese Zodiac Signs according to the years

Each Chinese Year in the Chinese Lunar Calendar possesses an animal sign. Your Chinese Sign is simply the one of the Chinese Lunar Year at the moment of your birth.

In effect, in the Chinese Horoscope, The Zodiac Signs are annual, that are represented by 12 animals. And each 12 years make a complet set of chinese zodiac cycle. Each animal is a member of the Dizhi (地支), or the Earth Branches:

Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig.

According to your birthdate and birthplace, your personal portrait can be plotted. So we can decribe your life way, here the so called "Life Book".

We don't take into account the time difference of the timezone of your birthplace compared to the Beijing timezone (CUT+8 or GMT+8), we have an accuracy of 24 hours at the maximum.

Here is a list of Chinese Sign and dates of Chinese Nea Year in the nearest years.


Origin of Chinese Zodiac Signs

One can find the first citation of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs in the ancient book 《Book of Songs, Shijing, 诗经》 on 1000 BC..

The entropologues attribute these signs to the animalism: the worship of animals.

Ranking Chinese zodiac animals

How are ordained animals: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig ?

It was once the Yellow Emperor selects 12 animals to be custodians of the palace. The cat says to the rat to register him as a candidate. Unfortunately, the rat has forgotten, the cat has never been chosen, since then the cat and rat become enemies.

Among the candidates there is the elephant. With its small size, the rat has entered the trunk of the elephant, the elephant ran as soon. Among the remaining animals, they first chose the buffalo as their leader.

The rat is very intelligent, he climbs on the back of the buffalo, the pig is also cons, then the rat was placed first, while the pig is the last.

The tiger and the dragon are not happy, for consolation, the tiger is named king of the mountains, and the dragon king of the sea, they are placed after the rat and buffalo.

The white rabbit does not accept this arrangement, he claims a race with the dragon. In the end result, he is plced before the dragon.

Then the dog does not accept the result, in a fit of rage, he bit the white rabbit. As a punishment, it is placed before the last.

The snake, horse, goat, monkey and rooster were engaged in combat as one by one, each has earned its place as the result. Finally we reached the classification of the 12 zodiacal animals of the Chinese Zodiac Signs.

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Once upon a time, the yellow emperor chose 12 animals, who are guardians of the castle.
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