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In contrast with other phonetic traduction or a Transliteration of latin surnames and first names, this Chinese Namer engine gives a true Chinese name (名字) with 3 chinese characters composed of a true existent FAMILY NAME + a first name with 2 chinese characters, according to the pure Chinese Tradition: the first chinese character is the family name followed by a first name composed of 2 chinese characters. A family name is composed by one single chinese character in general, sometimes 2 chinese characters. Though a first name is composed with 2 chinese characters, sometimes 1 single chinese character. We generate a different chinese name for you at each consultation.

Stuff of the : If you would like to present yourself as a Chinese Person in your name card, select this solution in preference instead of the phonetic traduction.

Chinese Family Names

According to the Xinhua Agency (New China Agency), the latest research supported by the National Natural Science Fund Committee gave the new sequence of “Chinese Family Names". Although the three names Li, Wang, Zhang declined in the proportion of the total population, they still take the place of the top 3.

The total population of each of these three names is not exceeding 100 million

This survey was accomplished during two years by Mr YUAN Yida , a researcher of the Institute of Chinese Academy of genetic and developmental biology. Their survey involved 1,110 counties and cities of 296 million people, received 4,100 Chinese Family names. Through the county, region and province population statistics, resulting in the classification of the New Chinese Family Names. The survey showed that among the 4,100 names, the top three are Li, Wang, Zhang, which accounted for 7.4%, 7.2% and 6.8% of China's total population, the total population of each of the three names is less than 100 million; there are 18 names accounted for 1% of China's total population, 129 names accounted for 0.1% of the population and occupied 87% of the total population.

The population of the tree names declined compared with 20 years ago

YUAN Yida showed, according to the data published in1987, that Li, Wang, and Zhang are the largest three names of China, which accounted for 7.9%, 7.4% and 7.1% of the total population. “Li, as the largest name, was declined from 7.9% to 7.4% currently, because there were only 570,000 original samples, but now they reached nearly 3 million.” YUAN Yida said that compared with 20 years ago, the sample of this survey is larger than before, involved nearly 40% counties of China, in almost all areas that the Chinese characters are used. The results are closer to the Chinese names real situation. Especially for the study of Chinese Y chromosome diversity, disease distribution, the origin of the nationality Han, and flow disciplines, the distribution data and areas of the top 300 common Chinese names would provide new clues and information which have the highest valuation in research and practical use.

YUAN Yida showed, according to the data published in1987, that Li, Wang, and Zhang are the largest three names of China, which accounted for 7.9%, 7.4% and 7.1% of the total population.

YUAN Yida showed, according to the data published in1987, that Li, Wang, and Zhang are the largest three names of China, which accounted for 7.9%, 7.4% and 7.1% of the total population.

YUAN Yida showed, according to the data published in1987, that Li, Wang, and Zhang are the largest three names of China, which accounted for 7.9%, 7.4% and 7.1% of the total population.

So far, there are 23,000 names are collected

China was the first country of the world who uses family name, about 5000 years ago; the name has been designated as hereditary, passed through patriarchal way. 20 years ago, it was the first time of CAS natural science approach to the study of Chinese surnames distribution, they announced the classification of 100 common surnames, and this research brings the high concern of both the interior and overseas Chinese.

The Chinese scientists will continue to publish the data and distribution of the top 300 Chinese names and re-publish "the Great Chinese surnames dictionary," which will include over 23,000 names collected in order to advance the development of the name and genealogy culture industries.


20 years ago, 270 million people named Zhang Yuan Wang National experts showed the "Family Names “in census data of 1986. These three clans are the top three.

On May 2, 1987, the studies statistical results of YUAN Yida and Institute CAS of genetic and biology development: the largest three names are Li, Wang, Zhang, which accounted for 7.9% , 7.4% and 7.1% of the total population, the total population of these three names are 270 million, that are the largest three clans groups of world. And the name which Chinese people have used had reached 22,000. According to the introduction of YUAN Yida , the family name research is a science. And Chinese names are the best research target in name study. Chinese surnames reflects the process of Chinese society’s evolution in several thousands years.

There is no one country and a nation in the world that has a long history like China, with 5,000 years continuous history. Such a civilization chain is the most consistent with the laws of genetics. In addition, the Chinese people have a relatively strong in clan concepts, so the persons who have the same name, share the same blood relations often live together. "This is why in the map of China; there is so many village of Zhang's and Villages of Li's,YUAN Yida said.

In 1983, there is a national census in China. The relevant sample data of census are counted in 1986. According to the related information and data, YUAN Yida started the statistical research on family names. In1987, the statistics of YUAN Yida output 12,000 to 13,000 Chinese names. In the same year, the news of Chinese Academy of Sciences doeing the research on family name was disseminated widely by some news media. On May 2, 1987, YUAN Yida published the top 100 names in this statistics, which to be known as "New 100 Chinese Family Names." In "New Family Names", "Li, Wang, Zhang," are the top three. In 2002, a book who has more than 50 million words with 200 charts of name's distribution "Chinese surnames: genetic and demographic groups," announced the research work of 10 years being completed. In the book, after years of collecting and studies of national names YUAN Yida indicated that the biggest three names are Li, Wang, and Zhang.

YUAN Yida said that it’s not easy for these common surnames to continue to today. For example in the dynasty Yuan, to assure the dominion of Yuan, it had been recommended to the emperor Yuan Shun to kill all the people whose names were in the top five. Fortunately the Emperor hesitated before deciding not to do any action, so these people can survive, thus enabling the transmission of the family name transmit to this day.

According to the report of “The evening paper of Guangzhou”


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